around love life is so beautiful (Episode 6)


hi every one here we all know that in virens engagement time raman and ishitha were shocking to see each other

engagement ceremony starts
firstiy viren put the ring to jeevika
then ishu takes other ring
she teases viren by not giving the ring
she runs from there
raman follows her
later he catch her
she didnt give the ring
then he holds her hand and folds on her back
all sees their closeness and keep shocking
raman: you dont have any other chioce giv e

ishu: no iwill not give
raman : hurts her hand
ishu : ok,ok, i will gie it
ishu gives the ring to viren
viren: do you know ishitha before
raman: yaa, we know each other ,weare good freinds in collage
ishu : no, we are good enemies not freinds
they starts argue
viren: stop arguing first we will finish this engagement then you will starts
then jeevika also put the ring
all are happy in celebrations

mrs bhalla : iyer ji you have arranged all perfectly but we want to do marrige in delhi this is our centiment
amma and appa agees for that

after viren family goes to delhi

next scene
{here some new charecters , suraj rivvalrya of raman virat and manvi freinds to ishitha}

in collage raman told to mani what happend in chennai
mani was in shock and says so you both are relatives now
ishu comes there and says hi ravan kumar
raman says hello jhansi rani
all around students sees them and iaugh at them
raman ande ishu sees each other and smiles them seives

next day mornig in collage ishu comes with some note books virat and manvi also comes with chit chating
ishu kept her books on a bench in garden
suraj comes and take that books
she asks her book to give back
suraj starts commenting ishitha
because he was jelous about raman ,to take revange on him by teasing ishu
suraj : arrey jhansi rani you and raman getting closer day by day nick names and all
what happening can you give achance too alll boys keep lauging by seeing ishitha
viren stops suraj

suraj throw him away manvi consoles ishiths
ishitha still cying
” a man take a rod and hits on sursj head and he was nothing but raman ”
raman : by hitting he says how dare you talk with ishitha like this
sursj also take a stone and thows on raman
raman also gets injured on head
but raman wont stop fighting he hits continuesly
ishu stops them then all stops there fightimg
next scene
ishu do firstaid to raman she says by cying why do you got that much of angry if any happends you
raman : nothing happend to me if any body talk like this to you i wont tolerate them
to change ishu mood raman says “” if any body call s you jhansi rani except me then i will punish like this only “” ishu while cying only she iaughs then they change their mood

next day next scene

prince comes to raman class
raman stands and says sir, yesterday what happend is
princepal: iknow every thing raman iknow about you and suraj idont want your explanation
principle anounces about the dance compitition and he goes from there

precape all girls eagerly waiting for who is ramans dance partner
raman announces ishitha was my dance partener

Credit to: devi

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