around love life is so beautiful (Episode 3)

hi every one I hope you like the track

you all know viren & jevika day by day gets closer & their friend ship turns to love
ishu & raman becomes enemies

ishu calls Mani
ishu: Mani I want your help in preparing notes
Mani : sorry ishu iam going to village to see my grand paa
ishu : oh, now how can I prepare my notes
Mani : don’t worry ,you can take Raman’s help
ishu: I don’t want that man’s help
I will take any others help
Mani :ho stop it ishu I will call Raman
ishu was in library
Raman comes there
Raman: hello madrasi i had came to help you
ishu silently goes to near racks
Raman how dare this girl even didn’t thank me
Raman : hey take that book which is in last shelf
ishu get one ladder & trying to take book ishu fell down raman catch her they will have an eye look she get down starts her notes Raman goes from there

it is in Chennai
jeevika in a park she calls ishu
ishu : hi ,akka
jeevika : hi ishu
ishu : what happens akka ,I think u r in tention
jeevika : ya issue Viren told me that he wants to say something important
ishu ( after second ) : that means he wants to propose you
jevika : ya I think so
(in that time Viren arrives there jeevika put the phone bench ,ishu still keep listening
Viren : jeevika I have to go back Delhi I think I am in love with you if you agree my i will talk to my parents
jeevika takes her phone on the speaker
she says ishu you can tell my answer
ishu : jeju sir you are very lucky my akka had agreed ur love ,congrats I will not there in between you I will put the phone
Viren & jeevika gets closer scene ends
( after few days Viren tell his love to his parents . they agreed & his family members come to see jeevika to Chennai
ishu in phone : sorry akka I had not came because of my exams
jeevika : you my sweet sister I understood
ishu : but I will come to engagement
jee ika : OK
amma : jeevika make it fast they had came . talk to ishu later .
jeevika gets ready comes down
Viren introduce his family members his mother is Mrs santhoshi bhalla , his father is Mr omprakash bhalla ,his sister mihika bhalla & finally his brother Mr Raman Kumar
then we all get to know that Viren is Viren Kumar bhalla .Raman & Viren are brothers

precape : in phone ishu without knowing he is raman who are
Raman without knowing she is ishu iam ravan Kumar and you
ishu: youravan Kumar means iam Jhansi ki rani they teases each other

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