around love life is so beautiful (Episode 21)


hi sorry fr the delay
yu all know that ishu was kidnaped and freed frm nidhi then nidhi says ashok was behind all these stupid things ishu and raman want to take revenge on ashok
now todays epi stars with
abhishek enters in to ashoks office he says
u r under areest mr ashok kanna
ashok was scared by hearing these he says but why i had not done anything
abhi : yu really dont know what yu have done 3 days back
ashosk was still in shock
abhi :yu have mudrdred a your secreatory
ahosk :me , murder how can i that too my secretory
abhi :yes her parents gave complaint on u we have search
all are in search they see secreatory dead body in cupboard with full of blood
ashok was in full of in confution he says this is not true on that day
am in marriage hall to kidnap ishitha
abhi slightiy smiles ishitha and raman and all family comes into room later media also comes into room
secretory gets up and says yu mr ashok this is the time to ur fall u have ruined my frend life too this wont leave u easily
police arrest ashok

next scene ishu and all are in hall talking about raman and ishitha marriage raman comes there and give some papers to ishu
she read that papers and asks are yu sure
jeevika take the papers and read she says marriage in register office i wont belive thi all get shock by hearing this
mrsb:putter why u have taken this decition we are all there fr u
ra :i know mom think once a big bussiness man and an IAS officers marriage in register office and that too very simple it will be very big news in society all people will think about the change this is also happy naa
vi :raman was giving only explananig the actual reason is he want start life with ishitha as soon as posible
they all tease raman
all are happy and abhishiek was comes out alone
mihika follows him
she ask want happend abhi why u have came alone
he took the hand and says thank u mihika bcoz of u only we got ishitha
mihika: : dont says like that we frends na so we dont have sorry and no thanks they have an eye look each other

precape:all are in busy of raman and ishitha marriage
abhika wants to give a surprise to new couple

Credit to: devi

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  1. Awesome epi! Thanks devi for giving such a nice epi. Waiting for the next epi.

  2. Its Superb…… But its tooooooo short na…………plzzz post the next one a lil bit longggggggg

  3. Delay marriage and some cozy moments between them it vil be nyc

  4. Plzzzzz update next episode. It so long i m waiting for it

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