around love life is so beautiful (Episode 20)

epi starts with Raman was chasing goons car but they miss the car
goon get down to kill ishu but they get shock to see Raman & abhi
ishu : shouts Raman & cry ,
Raman comes near ishu & hugs her
abhi says what you think of police we finnd easily were yu are
ishu was not well fell down
ra: ishitha get up , he lifts her in arm and take to hospital
abhi arrest the goons take to police station and start enquiry
he goes to hospital
in hospital Raman & all are outside of ICU abhi also comes there
jeevika cry by seeing ishu in that condition
Viren consoles her and says don’t worry she will be fine and in this time your sadness is effects on our baby jeevike see Viren shockingly
fb starts
jeevika hiding some reports in cupboard Viren notices that & think she hiding some thing frm me he sees the reports and get happy
fb ends
doctor comes out & says don’t worry by not having food she became like that not to worry
Raman abhisheik & all went in to the room
ishu asks abhi
who is culprit who have done this
abhi sits beside ishu & says this is not important now only ur health is important
ishu: shoutsMr acp abhishiek

abhi stand & salute and says yes mam
I am ishitha IAS saying you first duty and all are next
abhi says mam & he goes
Raman : madrasi I had really afraid of yu ( he kiss on her fore head )
VI: bro this is hospital & yu had saw now she how she is fighting with her brother becareful in future they all get happy laugh seeing each other

next scene
in hospital doctor comes & says yi will distarge tomorrow
ishu : OK sir that’s fine

Raman abhi comes in
ra : do you know who is kidnaped u
ishu : who
abhi : Nidhi, ministers daughter and he tells everything what happens
ra: yu give a complaint on her abhi will take her custody
he gives pen & paper
ishu take pen and paper & put it on table
she takes her phone & talks as ” uncle I want to talk to you come to hospital ” she put the phone down Raman : with whom u talking
ishu: with minister
ra: what
ishu : yes plz wait for some time u will understand
minister comes into room Nidhi also comes with him
ishu : sir I want tell u some thing I was kidnapped by goons that was done by Nidhi , what I have to do now
minister get shock & slaps Nidhi
he says ishu iknow u very well I don’t interfere in this matter yu do what you want
ishu: I know sir u r such a good politician that why didn’t have complaint on Nidhi I want to talk with nidhi

ishu: nidhi I know you have loved Raman but he is not anybody will love a person like Raman but it’s better to realize the truth
Nidhi: I am sorry sister I understand my mistake give me any punishment
ishu : yu have called me as sister how can I give u punishment
nidhi says thank you & leave ishu say stop Nidhi
ishu: iknow yu are not a criminal minded some one is there behind you I want that person name
nidhi says that was ashok who helped me in this kidnap
ra: I don’t leave h I’m
ishi: not now we have to teach him a lesson

precape abhi got adead body in ashok office

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