around love life is so beautiful (Episode 2)

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you all know that ishu & Raman Viren & jeevika get an argue

episode starts
scene 1
time:5 PM
ishu& jeevika talk in phone
ishu: you had done the right job
jeevika: I just want to tea h him a lesson
ishu : what is that bakara’s name
jeevika: who knows, if I meet him again I will return back his money
” I don’t want his money i want just respect”
they both chit chat raman and mani comes their
ishu sees Raman & says here one bakara came
jeevika : what
ishu: nothing akka I will talk to you later
jeevika : put the phone
Mani: whose is in phone ishu
Raman : I think it’s your boy frnd
ishu: ya ,, do you have any problem
Raman : i didn’t have any problem you madrasi
Mani: oh stop it i had seviour headache come let’s go have a coffee they goes

scene: 2
its morning
jeevika wakes up
Bell rings she opens door
there is a bokey & a letter she
opens it .in that sorry, if you forgive me plz come to cofee shop near your house
jevika get ready & go to coffee shop
Viren: thanks for coming
jeevika : if you want to forgive you , you have to come with me
Viren: where
jeevika: come with me
Viren & jeevika goes to shopping mall jeevika purchase a dress to Viren
jeevika: I don’t want any others money
Viren : next time I will never behave rude with women
viren takes the dress
( Viren drops jeevika at her home & introduce her amma & appa

day by day Viren & jeevika become frns
ishu & Raman become enemies

precape: Raman helps ishitha in preparing her notes
Viren express his love to jeevika

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