around love life is so beautiful (Episode 19)


hi todays epi starts with raman and all family members are in search of ishitha mihika says i had seen agirl follwing ishu
they went to see cctv footage there mrs bhalla see Nidhi get shoked
mrs bhalla :why this girl ids here
ra:what happend she is ishu frnd we met her in shopping mall
mrs b:no, she is nidhi i had seen a match that girl is she

they all went to nidhis home
abhi:nidhi, nidhi
nidhi comes down and asks what happend

mrs b :where is ishitha
nidhi:howwould i know
mrsb :then why yu have cam,e to marriage
nidhi:yes i came bcoz she invited me and my father do yu hve any proof to arrest me
abhi:yu escaped now but idont leave yu
they all are in worry of ishitha
its mornig ishu wakes up and sees around her there is one in that dark room she gets tensed and shout anybody there plz help me
one man by covering his face and comes near ishu he loses her hand give the food
he says i losed ur hand to eat the food dont do any adventures

he left
she wont eat she sat in chair and think about raman
yeh hai moh….. plays

raman in ishitha room think about their sweet moments mrs bhalla comes there and says dont worry beta mata rani heip us

after that mihika comes acall frm her frend
mihika: ya tell what
frend : sorry mihika i dont want to disturb yu but today is the last day to submit project will u give my book back
mihika: ya ok i will give it in ur house

frend: ok bye
mihika starts in her scooty
on the road suddenly a CAB comes in front of mihika she scolds the driver and she moves while crossing she see nidhi in that car
she calls to abhiseik and says
i had seen nidhi in cab she is ministers daughter then why she was traveling in cab defenetiy she hiding some thing
abhi: ya u r right we will come we can see that can we find any clue there
mihikla also follows the cab but she miss the cab

noww at ishitha
some goons are out side ishitha they get a call

a man says now its time to finish her after finishing her take ur money
a goon says take her out side we have to finish her
ishu hears this and gets tenseg they all get in the cars ishu hands were tied while they r going a car crosses ishitha car in that ishu see raman and abhishek she try tu shout but she cant
raman car was going on
then she loses her hand and brokes the car glass
raman hears the sound and turns back he sees ishu bangle he tell to abhi that ishu was in that car i had seen her bangle
they take u turn and follow that car but un fortunetly they miss that cat

precape: goon are getting down frm the car to kill ishitha
all get shocked to see raman abhisheik there

Credit to: devi

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  1. Superb.Love it do continue like this.N please would u write a swalak ff,A humble request

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