around love life is so beautiful (Episode 18)


the epi starts with all are busy in marriage arrangement
but ishu & Raman are busy in their office work
jeevika comes to ishu ishu this is not right once you remember my marriage how happy it was , it’s bcoz of yu & Raman I know now u r an IAS officer but yu remember that u also bahu of this house
yu have to show your happiness in ur face ishu realize & stops her work
she calls Raman & says I want to go parlour will yu come with me
he say sorry I am busy
she thinks in her mind he will not change
Viren hears all this conversation and scolds Raman
VI: she also had a car & driver she called u bcoz to spend time with you I will complete this work

Raman mo es frm there
ishu comes to parlour she get down from car she get shock to see Raman they spend time in coffee shop
NXT day sangeet ceremony day
at night ceremony starts bhalla family & iyer family receives all guests
raman comes on the stage ishu also comes in a blue color bueatiful gagra raman keep seeing her by not answering his frends all teases raman
Nidhi comes to Hall she get a bockey she hides by seeing Mrs bhalla
Mr bhalla calls Mrs bhalla she went in then Nidhi goes to ishu and give her that bockey ishu say thank you such a nice flower and she touch the flower
Nidhi talk with some one in phone I had completed my work you be ready to complete ur work
the man in phone: iam waiting fr this moment
Nidhi sit in chair she observe ishu & Raman close Ness and she get angry
suddenly ishu got allergy on her hand it’s iitching
she rub her hand Raman asks what happend
ishu: I don’t know it’s itching I will go wash my hand and I will come back
Nidhi sees all this smiles her self
fb starts
Nidhi pour some chemicals on flowers by touching that flowers ishu got allergy
fb ends
ishu in her room washing her hands aman comes by covering his face he put a chloroform kurcief on ishu face she fell down
he take her away from window after some all ask Raman about ishu
Raman : she had gone to wash room.
jeevika to ishu room & she will not there

all get worried about ishu Raman call to abhishek
abhi lifts the phone & says yaa, coming Raman I am on the way
ra: abhi ishu was not there she is missing
abhi : what , wait iam coming
he moves his car fast ha reached the hall all are in worry about ishitha
abhi: what happend
Raman tells every thing
abhishek goes to ishu room he observes hand wash bottle fell down the window are keep open
near window a kurchif was there see the kurcheif & finally he say
ishu was kidnaped
all get shocked by hearing this Raman was fell in depression by hearing this

precape : abhi was in search of ishiths mihika says I had seen some girl following ishu bhabhi

Credit to: devi

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