around love life is so beautiful (Episode 17)


hi the epi start with all congrats ishu & Raman Mrs bhalla also felt happy by seeing Romans happiness she also observed that Nidhi left angrily she goes to her and says sorry putter I don’t know that Raman was I. love with ishu that’s why I am proposed yu but now I am really sorry
nidhi: it’s OK aunty some times i t will happens like but in her mind I won’t leave yu ishi and Raman
yu have to know about me I will ruin it life’s
Mrs bhalla leaves frm there

jeevika & viren plans fr shopping she calls ishu
ishu: sorry akka iam very busy today
Raman : sorry bro I have a meeting today when he comes from he sees that jeevika throwing all things on viren & he saying sorry for not coming to shopping

jeevika asks Raman to come to shopping tomorrow he afid of her and signs as OK
then he left from there
later jeevika and Viren had a hi-fi & says I think now it plan will work out
NXT day in shopping mall

Raman see ishu
ishu see Raman too & they get shocked then Raman gets a msg frm Viren ” this is ur plan to spend time with each other ”
Raman smiles and they go in to mall there they recall all there fighting scenes at the time of jeevika marriage
the manager comes there and says I know on that day of fighting only one day you will wife and husband
they smiles by seeing each other
Nidji also comes there by following ramans car

one man lift the ishu bag and give it to Nidhi
nidhi comes into mall & says whose bag is this I had found this near reception ishu sees & says it’s mine
nidhi. hi yu ihad seen yu award function she introduce herself
iishu: thank you for giving back my bag

nidhi : don’t yu invite me for ur marriage
ishu : sure she will give a invitation card to her
they all left from there

precape : marriage ceremony starts & Nidhi tries to kidnap ishitha

I know this is too I Wii try to write a big episode tomorrow
plz comment me

Credit to: devi

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  1. Its Superb…….. But next one try to make longggggggggg yaar……….

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