around love life is so beautiful (Episode 16)


hi, I know you are all waiting NXT epi even iam also waiting to write NXT epi sorry I am little busy

the epi starts with all are happy bcoz Raman had won the best CEO of Asia
all congrats Raman
all are sits to have dinner
Viren says tomorrow is a big day for Raman he was taking a prestigious award
ishu says even to me also a special day , I was talking charge has district collector
all felt happy & congrats ishu too
ishu: but iam sorry I have to move to collectors quarters
they all finish their dinner
Mrs bhalla sees her phone there are missed call of Nidhi

she calls her
Nidhi : aunty now iam ready to marry Raman
Mrs bhalla felt happy & goes to Raman room
Mrs bhalla: Raman iam happy now if u give permission I will annouce your marriage in award function
Raman : sign OK
she happily left from there
then I have to do some thing now can I realize ishitha
it’s morning
Raman wakes up , ishu also wakesup & goes to jog

she comes and ready to go first day of office Raman also ready to go award function
it’s time of function all bhalla family & iyer family comes to Hall and sits in the front row
ishu also comes to Hall later one man ask ishitha to come & sit on the stage
ishu : it’s OK I will be fine here & sits along her family members
all vvip’s comes to function

a man comes on the stage says we all are very honour to be here
the function starts and man says now welcome Mr Raman Kumar bhalla and claps fr Raman
Raman: I was very happy to take this award I want to thank who gave me this award I want to say some thing about my life I had felt love with a girl but I don’t tell her till now
now want to propose her if she agrees me I will be very lucky person Nidhi was very happy that Raman was proposing her only

raman takes a ring from his pocket & goes to down frm stage all cameras follow Raman
Raman goes to ishu he hled on his knee & he says you know ishu that i have madly loved yu i had did wrong with you but now this the time to realize my mistake plz will you marry me ishu , I was waiting fr your desicion ishu after a second she smiles & give her hand Raman put the ring all clap by see that Jodi
but nidhi was in angry about Raman ishu

precape :Mrs bhalla apolozes to Nidhi but nidhi in her mind I will ruin ishitha & Raman life soon

Credit to: devi

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