around love life is so beautiful (Episode 13)


hi , this epi starts with ishu in hospital when talking to Raman then arjun will come there
AR : what happens miss badrakali
ishu : I have already headache , don’t irritate me
AR : that’s why I told u keep a boy friend like me so that he will be with you any time
ishu : OK for your free advice I will take care myself
AR : OK but astrolger said to me that I will fall in love with my senior who knows u r that girl
ishu : I had gave you a gift with my right hand , now I will give a gift with my left hand OK
AR : no, it’s OK I have a meeting with nurse , I will go now
he left frm there
Raman : who is he
ishu : he is an idiot , but a nice person help any one in need
scene ends

Raman takes charge as CEO
in few months he beats ashoks company
Viren goes to London for his business exapantion
in that time one day ishu comes to Raman office when he was in meeting with Mr chadda for a new contract
security stops ishu & says mam don’t go now ,sir was in meeting
ishu don’t listen his words and go to chamber
ishu : whats ur problem Raman
ra: (in shocking) what happend
ishu: ur thinking as you prime minister of India very busy
ra : OK stop stop
” he close her mouth with his hand and says gentle man you wait for 5 minutes I will come back”
ra: what happens

ishu: do you remember what is today
ra: no
ishu: today is frendship day
she take a friend ship band from her bag and ties to Raman
she says today there is party at collage you come
ra: OK
ishu left from there
he goes inside by smiling
Mr chadda : what happens Raman is it all OK , then today there is party in farm house we will sigh the contract there he goes
Raman calls to ishu & says sorry ishu I have some work I will not come today
ishu says it’s OK
Raman goes to party there he met Mani
Mani: what Raman did y ou told ur love to ishu
ra: ya , this month she complete her exams & studies then I will propose her
Mani: OK I have to leave now you will also come
ra: no I have to sign a contract
Mani leaves frm there
it was a late nite all are enjoing the Raman was also drink fully
he sees a beautiful girl near him he taught that she is ishitha and goes near her
get closer to kiss her suddenly a flash light will come he see her face in light knows that’s not ishitha & he goes from there

nxt morning he goes to ishus callage
raman : hi ishu
ishu: ( very angrily ) what do you want
Raman : yesterday called me
ishu : your r very busy naa
ra : I have told you know , to sign a contract
ishi: what contract you are talking about is this ur contract
she shows some photos to Raman in that Raman was very close to that party girl
Raman recalls what happens yesterday’s night
fb starts
when Raman was close to that girl ashok take some photos of them then a flash light come
fb ends
ra: ishu this is not true , listen to me
ishu : I don’t want to listen any thing
raman get irritated and shouts as yea , I am with an another girl then what’s it problem what is it the relationship between you & me
ishu: now had get to know that is no relation between us I misunderstand u that their something between us
they shouts on each other

Raman leaves from there
in Raman’s cabin he recalls all ishu words and sweet moments of them
he realizes his mistake he want to go to ishu s hostle he gets a call from Viren .Viren says here is very big problem Raman you have come Landon immediately then I will talk to ishu after coming from London epi end

precape : it’s two years leap and Raman become a huge business man in Delhi

Credit to: devi

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