around love life is so beautiful (Episode 12)


this epi starts with raman comes from
Mrs bhalla : what Raman what is it NXT step in life
ra: what do u maen
Mrs B : we mean that can we see a match for you
ra: no, maa I had finished my studies now only I want to grow in my life
Viren : OK then I wand to start a new international garments business
you will be the CEO of that company
ra: but , bro I don’t any thing about that
VI: don’t worry I am with you
scene ends

NXT scene
ishu comes collage and recall all funny moments with Raman
manvi: what happens ishu why you laughing yourself
ishu;: noting
while they are chit chatting
a man came over ishu & manvi
he is arjun
AR: do you remember me , yesterday in restaurant
ishu: you here
they both goes in to fb
in restaurant ishu manvi sits at a table
arjun sits on other table
ishu orders some veg food
arjun order some non veg food
by mistake the order will change
manvi stops ishu to eat they here some voice frm the other table

stupid who will eat this veg food he also insult ishu too, by that all their friends were laughing & he was arjun

ishu go there& says if you don’t want to eat that yours problem but don’t insult others she will give a big class to them she left frm there they felt in their chairs
fb end
AR :you also in same collage
ishu: angrily what you want
AR : nothing but friendship
ishu: it will not happen with me
AR: I have say sorry na
ishu : it’s not enough
manvi : if you want frend ship with her then you have to impress her
AR : OK it was very easy for me
scene ends
Raman Viren are talking to each other
ra: this is a prestigious project to company at any cost we don’t lose the tendor
VI: but, ashok was in competition
he can do any illegal thing for terder
ra: thats we have to trace out what cheaptrick he plays for the tender
jeevika here’s all this frma side she think how can I help to them
then she call to pallavi wife of ashok
jee : can you help me in this matter
pall: sure
jeevika put the phone
again pallavi calls to secretory of ashok
secretory: ya, I will give information after he revaels but, he was cunning don’t reveals easily
pall: thanks for helping me

secretory : it’s OK, we are all wo.en only naa
scene ends
the tender day will come Raman & Viren get ready to go tender office jeevika says I will also come
vi: OK they all left from there
in that time jeevika get a call from pallavi
pallavi: jeevika go & save it sister ashok was doing accident by some goons to win this tender
jeevika & Raman goes to save ishu & Viren goes to tender office
unfortunately they they miss the tender by missing some papers on the road
jeevika & raman see ishu on a road by head injury they join her in hospital
docter say no problem she was alright
they goto ishu room ishus says I don’t know I had met this accident
suddenly car came in front of me
while they are talking viren comes there & date sorry had lost the tender
Raman : don’t worry bro we had missed only but, in very soon we both will see the end of ashoks whole business

precape : Raman and ishu were shout on each other ishu goes to dehradon by leaving Raman alone

Credit to: devi

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  1. Nice……..But Precap ???? so sad……

  2. Devi ur ff is so superb
    I am a silent reader. Waiting for ur next episode

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