around love life is so beautiful (Episode 11)


hello today epi start with jeevika comes from Temple she see some people around a man & woman
he slaping her by holding her hair
jeevika slaps him & says don’t you have manners to do with awoman like this
he is nono other than ashok khanna
ash: do you know who is she
she is my wife pallavi
pallavi;: no ,iam not his wife ,we applied for divorce ,I don’t want any relation ship with him
jee: now do you what she said ,see any thing in court only
jeevika says to pallavi if he troubles you again you infotm to my husband , he is huge business man here he is ” viren Kumar bhalla”

ashok here’s that words & he came to know that she is wife of viren
ashok : hoo, that means you are Mrs Viren then I will teach you a lesson
he raise his hand somebody stops him & he is Viren
v: don’t dare to do like this with my wife
a : then control your wife in my personal matter
v: this is not ur personal this is a road go and Solve ur problem in court otherwise I will complain to police
ashok goes from there
jee: why you came here
v: to pick you
pall : thanks to both of you for save me
jee: it’s OK
they left from there
finally ishu & Raman complete their final exams
Raman goes for a holiday with his frnds

ishu comes to Chennai
Viren was busy in his work
jeevika also comes to Chennai to spend time with her family

when jeevika comes to ishus room then she notices that ishu feeling lonely
jee: why ishu you are looking bore you talk to your frnd then you feel gud
ishu: OK akka
she call to raman and it was not reachable
jee: what happend
ishi : it’s not connecting
jee: ho, I think mani was busy
ishu : no ,I called to raman not Mani
jee: OK Mani is it bestie Na ,ihad taught you called him ,she left from there
ishu : ya, akka was right , my bedtie was Mani then why ihve called to Raman , why I am always thinking of Raman ” is there only frnd ship or bigger then that ” she realizes that she was in love with Raman
epi ends

precape : Raman takes CEO position in Viren company & Viren was In MD position

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Credit to: devi

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