around love life is so beautiful (Episode 10)


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epi starts with raman and ishu are busy for their final exams
Mani calls Raman
man: taman come to city hospital soon
raman: why
mani : anjali atempt to suicide
Raman : what
Mani : ya, come soon
( anjali is girl who loves mani a lot)

Raman calls to & says ishu CO.e to city hospital & tell about anjali
they met at the entrance of hospital
they goes to anjali room
outside Mani will there raman asks what happend
Mani : she was proposed me LP n the day of dance compitition ,but I was rejected her
ishu : why
doctor comes and says now you. can see her
they goes to inside
ishu : why you did like a stupid
anjali: bacuse I love him
ishu : why you rejected her ,you don’t likes her
Mani : I likes her, but not loves her
ishu: what is the difference between the two

Raman : there is a lot of difference
” if any body likes a rose they want to pluk that flower , but any body loves a rose they want to pour water to that plant ”
ishu impress by these words
ishu : I was impress ,but idont understanding why he rejected anjali
Mani: iam loving other girl
anjali : who is she did she accepted it love
Mani: no
anjali : then tell her name we will talk to her
Mani: by seeing ishitha , no use she is in love with some person
sister comes in says don’t disturb her only can be here other two go outside
Mani : you stay with her we will go to out side
then they will go to down Mani sit on bench
Raman get two coffee & give one of them to Mani & sits on the same bench
Raman: I am sorry Mani
Mani: why

raman : i had come in between you & ishitha that’s why ur love was in trouble now
” ya, had while you talking inside i have noticed every thing ,I know you love ishu only ”
Mani: u are right ,here anybody loves , a girl like ishitha but here is important that ioves who
Raman : but I will talk to her
Mani : no need of it I know she loves you. she realizes it soon
but, I am still happy because my ishu love was going to win
then Mani stop taking by seeing ishu
ishu: she taking rest and realized everything
Mani: OK you both go home I will be there for
he goes from by leaving ishu & Raman alone

Credit to: devi

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  1. actually I had forgot to give precape that is jeevika slaps ashok khanna on a road

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