My army officer episode 9

Ragini wakes up gets ready and bid bye to her family members and goes to lifesaving hospital.
They shows her cabin.
She joins immediatedly and checking about few patients who had already joined..
Dean took her to rounds inside whole hospital and to show her each corner of hospital..
Ragini sees it with a bright smile.
She comes back to her cabin and sits with files
After checking all files she gets bored and started walking here and their and peeps out from hospital window….
He remembers harshad and thinks to call him…
She tooks call and dialled his number..
Her harshad was busy so he did not lift her call instead that he cutted her call and messaged her that ..
i will call u later….dont disturb me
Ragini reads it and sends him reply as
its ok.
Sorry to disturb you…
Harshad reads her reply and gets restless by thinking about line.
Sorry to disturb you.
Harshad:- you didnt disturb me ragini and you will never..i want to say this to you but i am busy right now..
I will meet you and say that you can never disturb me ….
He lost in his thoughts..
A frd of him comes and sees calls him but doesnt respond he looks at cell phone where he lost in watching it and reads ragini message..
Frd:- so getting disturb by not responding to her messages.
Harshad comes to his senses and says.
Harshad:- nothing like that and i said her that i am busy and she will understand it
Frd:- ofcourse she too from army background so she will understand but itseems some one is here restless.
Harshad:- nothing like that and goes from their..
Frd:- you are restless harshad and i hope you will realise soon that you started loving her..
Harshad was full busy and disturbed too….
Later ragini gets busy in threating patiences..
At evening ….
Ragini comes out of hospital and starts driving..
Here harshad comes out by office work with his colluges..
Frd is driving and harshad is sitting next to him..
Here ragini is driving ..
They about to take turns suddenly a bike skides infront of harshad vehicle..
Too escape accident they turned immediatedly and hitted a car…
Harshad and his frds hurts their head by hitting to stearing and front glass..
They all gets down and some goes bike person these two goes towards car ….
They about to knock car before that they hear car door opening sound.
a girl steps out..
Harshad:- ragini its you..
Oh my god are u ok..did you get hurt anyware..
Holds her shoulders and starts checking her ..
His frd beside him sees him in surprise..
Remaining frds sends that bike person after making sure he is fine they comes towards their frds and sees harshad behaviour gets
Confused and signals to their another frd and signals him.
Frds:- frds she is ragini..
Frds all together ohhhhh.
Harshad and ragini comes to their senses..
Harshad:- frds she is ragini thyagi daughter of general sachin thyagi.
Ragini wishes them all..
They too wishes her..
Ragini:- harshad i am fine but i think you and your frd need treatment..
Harshad looks at her..
Ragini holds his and his frd hand and makes them to touch their heads..
They feel pain and checks they are bleeding.
Ragini:- come sit their let me check you.
They both sits..
Their frds handles her first aid kit and she brings her coat and stechscope…
He checks their breath and takes cotton.
She started cleaning first his frd as he injured his head more..
He does bandaid and says..
Ragini:- as it small cut you dont need any stitches and yaa you have to see if you get any headache or vomits then you should immediatedly consult doctor.
Frd:- yaa i will take care .
Ragini goes towards harshad and sits infront of him.
Both looks at each other..
His all frds sits around them.
Ragini looks at them confusingly.
Harshad widens his eyes towards his frds…
Ragini goes towards him by forwarding her hand and harshad goes back.
Harshad:- what are you doing..
Ragini:- i am eve teasing you..
Harshad:- what.
His frds smiles..
Ragini:- you are impossible. let me Check you harshad dont act like kid.
She goes towards him and brushes his hair back from his forehead by her hand..
She see his wound and cleans it applies cream cotton and then bandaid..
Ragini:- done its small wound no need to worry but your frd should be carefull if you find any changes in health please come immediatedly or else no need..
Frd:- done by the way my name is arjun singh..
Forwards his hand.
Ragini:- ragini thyagi..
Nice to meet you..
They all goes towards their cars.
Ragini about to open her car door.
Harshad comes towards her calling her name..
Harshad:- ragini one minute..
Ragini closes door and turns.
Ragini:- haa harshad..
Harshad:- i am sorry for not giving reply to you..
Actually i was busy…
Ragini:- its ok actually i can understand your work..
After your msg even i was busyy..
So dont mind.
Harshad:- ok then bye..
Ragini:- bye….
They both goes in different ways..

Precap:- raginis sad face..

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  1. nice episode…

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