My army officer episode 7

Frds i am going to my mom house as my dad got transfered they have to shift from one city to another and their will be lot of work so i am going their to help them in packing and everything .i will be very busy for few days ..
I dobt knew when i will be back..
Net will also be their ..
I promise you that once i return i will update more episode ok..
Try to understand…frds..

Ragini changes clothes and falls on bed..
Started thinking about harshad..
Ragini to herself.
I never behaved with any boy in childish way except dad and bhai.
I dont knew why but i feel so comfortable with him..
I feel safe being with him..

Happy while taking with him and dont knew what i feel but i feel something different when i see his smile..
He just smiles to all my antics and even his answer was also will be smile only..
Hmm nice smile mr.harshad chopra..
Meet you tomorrow..
I hope..and goes to sleep with a smile on her face..
Harshad to changes and sits on window in his bed room and talk in his mind.
She is just impossible..
For name sake she growed but her behaviour is just like a crazy little kid but cute kid..
A geniue smile will be their always on your smile which makes to smile back as i am replying to your smile..

Your eyes the firsr thing i saw in you is your eyes..
Beaytifull eyes..
And today you ate alot of spicy food i hope your health wont disturb..
Looks at moon and says good Night ragini jii….
He too dozes off too bed..
Early morning …
Harshad is getting ready..
His father comes running to him and says..
Dayal:- harshad ..ragini is sick .
She is having fever and vomits Come lets go to her roomand rushes from his room without his reply..
Harshad stood shocked soon realised what his dad said and hits head and rushes out..
Dayal is drivingg.
Dayal:- you three went out right..
Did ragini had any unhygenic food out side..
Harshad looks down..
Dayal:- harshad i am asking you something…

Harshad:- she had spicy food at road side dhaba..
Dayal:- and wat were you knew naa he lost habit of having spicy food that too road
Harshad:- i said no to her dad but she didnot lisened to me .infact i invited her to our home and i said that i will make spicy food for her..
But she didnot lisened to me.
I am sorry papa
Dayal:- he is still kiddo nature harshad she was excited being in india after 15 years but you should have….. any way dont blame your self i knew that making her accept is impossible any way lets see her They both goes inside house…
Jhanavi:- bhaiyaa u here at this time..
All ok naa.

Dayal:- haa i am fine how is ragini i heared from sachin that she is not feeling well.
Jhanavi:- you two also joined the bhaiyaa.its just mild food poision .
Dayal:- did you show her to doctor.
Jhanavi:- bhaiyaa ragini herself treated and she is taking rest she willbe fine ok.
Harshad:- i am sorry aunty.if i would have stopped her yesterday this mightnot happen to her..
Adarsh:- harshad dont blame yourself i knew that you tried to stop her but she might not have lisen to you and ate like bhukkad right…
Harshad:- she said that she was missing indian food and ..

Jhanavi:- its ok harshad dont blame yourself for her madness..
Dayal:- we will meet her and come.
They both goes to her room and finds her sitting in half positionby covering with blanket untill her
waist ..
And watching cell.
Dayal:- how are you ragini..
Ragini looks up and says ..
Ragini:- fine uncle
Its just a food pousion thats it.and sees harshad who is looking at her angrily…
Ragini smiles at him childishly..
Harshad looks aside..
Sachin calls dayal ..
Dayal:- i will come just now ragini.

Ragini:- yaa uncle..
Dayal leaves..
Harshad about to leave ..
Ragini:- harshad wont u ask me how i am
Harshad:- why should i ..
How many times i stopped you yesterday see now what happened.
Ragini:- its just a mild food poision
Harshad:- what if it became serious..
Ragini:- fine i am sorry..
Harshad ignores her..
Ragini catches her ears and says sorry..
Harshad smiles and says :- take care ragini..

Ragini:- ok and yaa this time when i want to eat spicy food then i will come to your home..
Harshad:- why..
Ragini:- you promised me that you Cook spicy food for me..and you forget that so mean.
Harshad:- ok ok i am joking ..
First you recover and promise i will cook for you.
Ragini:- pakka.
Harshad:- pakka..
They both smiles..
Dayal just comes and sees both of them smiling..
He too smiles and leaves from their..

Precap:- ragini getting job.

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  10. dont worry dear
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