My army officer episode 6

After 2 days…
Ragini:- bhai thats not fair .i hate you.
You promised me that we will take me around delhi but now you were saying no why.
Adarsh:- i am busy baba..
If i come also i will be with you only for few hours .if i get call then i have to leave ragini..
Thats why i am saying lets gonect week.
Ragini:- no no from next week i have to attend meetings and once if i join in any hospital then i will also be busy naa bhayaa.
Plss plss.
Why not for few hours lets go …
Adarsh:- ok only for few hours ok.
Ragini:- hii my lovely bhai and hugs him.
Adarsh:- lets pick up harshad also..
Ragini and adarsh goes and picks up harshad.
Adarsh and harshad were sitting front where ragini was at back.he takes her to red fort, assembly
And all…

Ragini eyes him angrily.
Adarsh:- what happen.
Ragini:- dont tell me you took babhi out akways in this way showing redfort and assembly.
Adarsh:- or what else their to show here ragoo.
Ragini:- chii bhai.
Musuems ,parks,malls so many
are their and yaa have to say that how boring husband you are…
Adarsh:- so mean .i amnot boring you were boring sister..
Ragini:- i am not boring ho and asks my frds how they love my company.
Adarsh:- they were tasteless fellows.
Ragini shouts bhai..and catches his hair and shakes him
Adarsh:- pagal sister leave my hair.
Ragin:- no i wont your half hair already gone because of hairfall and i will pulls your remaining hair and make you bald now.
Adarsh gets a call.
Adarsh:- good morning sir …
Ragini stops for a second but still holding his hair
Yes , sir i am coming as i was out only i will ve their 10 minutesand cuts call..
Ragini immediatedly leaves his hair by pushing him.
Adarsh:- sorry ragoo let me go..
Ragini:- i knew duty comes first you can go.
Adarsh:- sorry harshad and yaa please take care of your self with her..
Ragini:- bhaiii..
Harshad:- you dont worry i will look after her and my self too..
Adarsh leaves harshad turns back and sees ragini seeing him with making her eyes small small.
Anf lifts hands towards him.

He immediatedly catches his head and says..
Harshad:- my hair..
Ragini smiles ..
Ragini:- dont worry i wont pull your hair .
By the way u will drive or shall i drive.
Harshad:- let me drive your honor.
Ragini:- ok granted…
They laughs..
Harshad comes to driving seat and ragini comes next to him.
Ragini:- he takes her to few places and sees ragini enjoying it he too smiles..
Its afternoon now.
Harshad:- where you want to go for lunch.
Chinese, italin,..
Ragini:- indian that too not at resturents..
Harshad:- then.
Ragini:- pakka punjabi daba that too food should be spicy spicy..
My eyes should fill with tears..
Harshad:- no way..
Ragini:- why..
Harshad:- because after 10 years you came to india and u cant i mean may be u cant eat that type of food .what if you health gets spoil.
Ragini:- i am doctor harshad i can treat my self please…
I want daba food and keeps sad face..and says i am getting hungry harshad …
Harshad:- but and sees her face say ok but less spicy food.
Ragini:- no i want to eat paratha.
Spicy chicken fry and more spicy food last but not least drink..
And looks at him and says drink means cool drink haa o wala drink nahi..
Harshad and ragini burst in to laugh..
Harshad drives and stops infront of daba..
Ragini about to get down harshad stops her.
Harshad:- ragini one minute..
Ragini:- hmm.
Harshad:- are u sure spicy food from here do one thing come to my home i will cook for you spicy wala food.
Ragini:- you knew cooking..
Harashad:- haa i knew and i will make tasty food also.
Ragini:- then i will come on anothet day .right now daba come fast naa i am hungry and she gets down.
Ragini and harshad sits opposite to each other..
She orders all spicy food items and turns to harshad who looking at her shockingly..
Harshad:-ragini please lisen your health will spoil…
Ragini:- if its written that my health should spoil .then it will spoil ifvi eat or didnot ..
The thing which is not sure then why i should stop eating..
So i will eat then let the health spoil..

Mean while food comes..
Immediatedly she takes a hot jot aloo paratha dips in curd keep in it her full mouth and awesome harshad eat naa..
Harshad:- ok ok i will eat you eat slowly…
But ragini eats all her food fastly and looks at harshad who is looking at her in shock…
Ragini smiles..
Harshad:- u have eaten these all like you were hungry from years.
Ragini:- ofcourse i am hungry for years for indian food …
Harshad started eating food and talking…
Harshad:- after food where you want to go..
Ragini:- any place where we can walk a little bit so that food will digest u see.
Both laughs….
They both enjoys a lot finally..
Its evening 7 ..
Harshad leaves ragini and goes from their…

Precap:- ragini health disturbs ..

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  1. Nice one sindhu..loved our ragini nd harshad

  2. Oh wow awesome di…u know i also pull my bhai’s hair if he didnt get me what I want….haha????

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