My army officer episode 5


Ragini driving car and dayal sitting next to her..
Dayal:- so how is newyork..ragini..
Ragini:- boring uncle without family you see..
Some idiot targeted me tried to hurt me and dad sended me to newyork..
Dayal:- it happen with army people families ragini.
Ragini:- sending me away was not solution na uncle.
Dayal:- hmm thats also right.
But u knew na your dad was very possessive about you.
Ragini:- hmm but this time i am here for permanent.
Dayal:- wat about your job.
Ragini:- yaa i applied i have to go for interviews after this week…
Dayal:- take right from here and second house right side..
Ragini and dayal stops infront of his house..
Harshad who is getting ready lisens to car sound and peeps from window and sees ragini and dayal coming inside..
He checks himself in mirror and goes to main door.
Dayal knocks door in three different styles..
Ragini:- why u knocked like that uncle..
Dayal:- mee and my son code..
Ragini:- nice code uncle..
Harshad open door and ragini smiles and says good morning army officer jii hmm you already
Harshad welcomes them inside…
They three sits….
Dayal:- i will bring water for you .
You both talk to each other..
Dayal goes..
Ragini:- so whatss up.
Harshad:- nothing ..
Harshad gets a call and say ok
Cuts call.
Harshad:- ok i will leave..
Ragini:- how will you leave..
Harshad:- by cab..
Ragini:- why no army car for you.
Harshad:- actually its break down while coming here.
Ragini:- i am leaving come i leave to your office.
Harshad:- its ok i will leave.
Ragini:- come on yar i wont drop by lifting you in my hands ..
My car will lift so dont worry.
Harshad:- are u not busy.
Ragini:- untill i placed in any hospital i was free..
After having water both leaves in her car..
After reaching office.
Harshad:-thank you very much..
Ragini:- welcome officer and sides her head smiles and blinks her eyes.
Harshad smiles at her and about to leave.
Ragini gets down and calls harshad..
He turns back infact all members in ground turns as someone calling him with name..
Ragini sees this and smiles ..
Harshad comes back to her and says ..
Harshad :- haa what happen.
Ragini:- day after tomorrow me bhai and if you want you we all can go around delhi city just like a long drive.
Harshad:- i will try to join you..
Ragini :- what trying yar join naa.
Harshad:- smiles and says i will try.
Ragini:- ok any way all the best.
harshad:- all the best but why.
Ragini:- you will get to knew and sees back of him and smiless.
Harshad looks bloogled and turns and gets shocked as all of his colluges were standing like a group and seeing him questioninglyy.
Harshad moves towards them and says .
What happen why are you seeing me like i am new one..
Frd:- who is she.
Frd 2:- you were in love and u didnot say to us.
Frd3:- are u engaged and u didnt invite us.
Frd4:- atleast u have introduced us to her and her to us…
Harshad looks at all in shock and remembers ragini saying all the best and again smiles..
Frd1:- see who is blushing ..
Frd5:- he will naa because ,she was beautifull..
Frd6:- say something man
Harshad:- if you give me a chance then only i can speak naa and coming to her..
Her name is ragini thyagi daughter of major.sachin thyagi..
All gets shocked ..
Harshad laughs and says we both are childhood friends ok and remembers her eyes their meeting and says nothing more than that.
Frd:- but you were lost some where and all says hmmmmm
Harshad:- come on guys get back to work and leaves from their..
His frds all smiles and says he already fallen for her..
Soon he will also realise that which now we are seeing in his eyes…
He goes his cabin with thoughts of her and smiles..

Precap:- adarsh , ragini and harshad roaming whole city and finaly harshad and ragini roaming alone…..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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    Interesting waiting for next one…

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    Ragini is naughty
    Harsh ad is sweet

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