My army officer episode 4

Ragini goes inside home and sees sachin talking to dayal .
Dayal adarsh sees her and about to talk but they see her signalling as no and just smiles..
Ragini slowly goes towards him and adarsh follows her and smiles at her slow walking style..
Ragini about to hug him but her mom comes ..
Jhanavi:- ragini when u came..
Sachin immediatedly turns and gets happy seeing her.
Ragini:- what maa u spoiled everything. i want to surprise dad but u spoiled it and pout..
Sachin:- oh my god my ragoo u came and keeps weird expressions…
Ragini keeps her eyes wide open and says.
Ragini:- papa its better if you wont get surprised..
Sachin and ragini burst into laugh.
She immediatedly hugs him.
Ragini:- i missed you alot dad..
Sachin:- mee to raa i missed u alot
Ragini hugs everyone and says to jhanavi..
Ragini:- mom your happy days are gone now..and smiles..
Sachin takes ragini and introduces dayal.
Dayal:- u saw me right now do u remember mee
Ragini:-ofcourse uncle how can i forget my all time savior uncle now also u have to save me from mom.
Dayal:- sure but now i am not living next to your house ..
Ragini:- oh no why uncle.if u have been next to our house it will easy for me to jump wall and come to you.
Dayal smiles and side hugs her and see harshad.
Dayal:- so meet my son harshad.
Ragini:- i already met him outside and said sorry for this chin also.
Dayal:- why to be sorry because of this chin only all girls were back of him….
Harshad:- dad…
Ragini:- oh really then how many girl frds you have.
Harshad:- what..
All laughs at his shocking expression.
Jhanavi catches her ear..
Jhanavi:- by coming only u started doing all weird antics haa now just go and get ready all will come now and plss be ready as a girl….
Ragini:- ahhh ok i will now leave na maa.
But before that i want to see baby girl ..
Adarsh:- she is sleeping ..
Ragini:- ok i will meet after wards then.
And goes to her room to get ready..
Slowly all guest started coming.
Harshad unknowingly keep on stairing at steps to see ragini..
Finally he get busy in talking with few officers…
he feels something strange because all were watching towards stairs as soon as he turned and awestuck to see ragini in beautifull dark blue colour salwar with straight loose hair..
Harshad:- (himself) i dont knew why but i just want to forward my hand to her and help her to come down from stairs but before that her dad helped her..
Sachin:- so gentlemen she is my princess my life infact my families life my daughter miss.ragini thyagi she just now returned from newyork as a successfull neuro surgeon and will continue in india here on wards..
All claps for her …
Harshad seez her smile and get mesmerised and find almost all young officers were attrated to her beautifull and charming face ..i dont knew but i felt uncomfortable the way they were looking at her..
She started meeting all senior Officerss..
Dayal comes and stands next to harshad and says.
She is cute naa harshu..
Harshad lost in her thoughts says yes..
And immediatedly covers.
Yes dad what you were saying i didnot hear you properly.
Dayal:- you didnot hear me right.
Dayal:- then its ok leave it.
And moves from their.
Harshad relaxes and thinks to himself ..
Whats happening to you harshad concentrate on your self more than her …
And shakes his head and goes towards drinks….
He pick a glass and hears a voice.
Are u drinking ..
He turns and sees ragini standing infront of him..
He smiles at her and says yes.
Ragini:- which drink is it vodka or takila..
Harshad spills out and starts coughing but composes him self and says .
Harshad:- hi its just water..cant u recognise colour.
Ragini:- but vodka is also water colour only naa.
Harshad:- gives her another glass..
Ragini while taking glass she says are u offering me to drink the drinks what if i lose my senses if i do hungama means …
Harshad makes her drink by his hands and says.
Harshad:- now i hope you understand its just water and just for only your information i wont drink.
Ragini tries to control smiles and gulps water from her mouth and says while going.
Ragini:- i knew in my glass water is their but i dont knew whats their in your glass may be water or may Not be ..
Harshad:- how do u knew about drinks ..
Ragini:- about vodka once i saw it in usa in our hospital party and coming to takila i lisened in a song.
Hero says ..
Penai kai badh pani bi takila lagta hai..
After lisening to it i thought not only vodka but takila also looks like water u knew..
Harshad:- that means u have more knowledge on drinks how.
Ragini:- as i said in usa hospital staff parties will be held.sometime frds parties then i used to see so many drinks with different names so i asked my frds and they explained me thats it..
Harshad:- u mean to like few people does window shopping like that you used to doo window drinking.only seeing but not having them right.
Ragini:-salutes him says yes sir
Harshad smiles and she too ..
After all giving blessing and greetings to sachin and baby ..
All leaves..
Dayal harshad stays their..
Ragini sits on floor and arupya doing her head massage..
Adarsh holding baby..
Sachin and dayal sitting together.
Harshad sits next to jhanavi.
Ragini:- because of your husband i had a rough and tough travelling Babhi..
Arupya:- hmm we cant do anything now ragini u knew every well na how your bhai is.
Ragini:- yaa ofcourse..
Baby starts crying ..
Ragini gets worried and asks what happen.
Jhanavi:-relax ragini baby was hungry thats it .aru beta take her to room.
She takes baby ..
While jhanavi hits on ragini head.
Ragini:- now what i did.
Jhanavi :-dont you knew why babies will cry being a girl.
Ragini:- maa i am just a girl not mom how can i understand.
Adarsh:- u were doctor ragoo and are u sure u study and passed or copied and passed.
Ragini:- so mean bhaiya .
I am neuro surgeaon.
Not gynic or pediatricion how come i knew..
Adarsh:- what is the difference Ragini:- are u serious bhai.
Adarsh:- really i dont knew..
Ragini:- fine lisen..
Gynic will only treat pregent ladies and does delivery..
Coming to pedic they will treat born babies ok….
Adarsh:- ok i understood madam
Dayal:- ok its becoming late we will also leave..
Sachin:- for today stay here naa..
Ragini:- what for today dad.uncle u stay here for ever naa..
Dayal smiles and say that house also yours only ragini u can come and stay their when ever u want and coming to me i will stay with u another day ok i need rest beta..
Ragini:- thats what uncle you were so tired stay naa you can go next morning..
Dayal looks at harshad..
Harshad:- its ok dad u stay here tomorrow i will come and pick u.
Sachin:- u also stay harshad.
Harshad:- actually uncle tomorrow Early morning it self i need to go so i am sorry i cant stay…
Ragini:- hi its ok i will drop uncle.
I have habit of waking up early so i will drop and i can see your house too.
Harshad smiles..
Dayal:- actually its good idea.
Adarsh and ragini goes out and waves bye to him.
Harshad while driving sees ragini threw side mirror and smiles..

Precap:- ragini at harshad house

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