My army officer episode 3


Sachin reaches home and says everything to jhanavi about meeting dayal chopra and his son harshad chopra..
Jhanavi:- did u call them here..
Sachin:- yaa we invited both of them and ragini is also coming on party day she will start today..
Jhanavi:- if she start today then she should reach to here by tomorrow night naa then why late.
Sachin and adarsh both looks at each other and says everything to her..
Dadi:- what adarsh cant u book her ticket see now my chotu is roaming all places and coming here..
Adarsh goes and hugs dadi and says sorry my darling..
Dadi hits her hands and says shaitaan.
Adarsh:- love you dadi..
Sachin laughs and sees arupya coming with little baby..
He gets up and takes baby from her hand and starts playing with her and says to arupya.
Sachin:- by giving us a little prince u gave us unlimited happiness beta . Thank u so much.
Arupya smiles and stands next to jhanavi.
Arupya:- maa when ragini is coming..
Jhanavi:- on party day.
Arupya:- why so late.
Jhanavi says everything to arupya.
She turns to adarsh and about to speak..
Adarsh:- you also dont start yar.
I am sorry that i forget to book tickets .at once only i am saying and turns to all and says sorry one after other..
All smiles…

Scene shifts to dayal and harshad reaches home..
They both sits on sofa and having water….
Dayal:- i am feeling so happy today after so many years i met my friend ..
Harshad smiles:- uncle didnot change dad he is same like he used to be in our childhood fit and fine.
Dayal:- hmm i wish i saw ragini also. She used to spend time in our home with your mom than her mom..
Inshort your mom is also one reason to make ragini naughty.
When her mom scolds her then your mom used to defend her..
They are so many thing harshad that your mom memories related to her..
And gets teardy eyes.
Harshad sees this and keeps hand on him and says dont worry dad we will see her on party day…
And wipes his tears..
Dayal smiles and says yaa its matter of 2 days after that i can meet her..
Harshad:- yes dad your right so now smile dad..
Your smile is my strenght.
Dayal smiles and hugs him…
Scene shifts to ragini walks in airport and talking in phone…
Ragini:- haa maa from here it will take 28 hours to travel hyderabad from their to delhi it will took 3 to 4 hours and by evening i will be their before party starts ok.
Jhanavi:- ok and dont eat everything in flight ok it will effect your health…
Ragini:- ok maa bye i will call u once i reach hyd byee..
One day passes ragini reaches hyd by morning and calls her home informs them and she took now delhi flight..
Ragini see out from window and says to herself.
Ragini:- finally i returned back to india permenately. Dont knew why but i feeling weird may be somethi g special happiness is filled by heart….
harshad is getting ready here in army dress ..
Dayal comes from back and says .
Dayal:- you didnot took leave knew naa we have to attend party and i want to go some early..
Harshad:- papa i promise i will take half and come home soon ok..
Dayal:- ok but dont forget ok.
Harshad:- pakka dad we will go early than all to uncle house and help them ok..
Dayal leaves..
Harshad sees in mirror and adjusting his dress and thinks dont knew why i was so excited today and says i have to come home quickly otherwise dad will kill me….
I dont knew why but i was feeling differently..
Slowly function preparations will start….

Sachin hears a door bell goes and opens door sees dayal and harshad..
He welcomes them.
Sachin:- jhanavi where r u.
Jhanavi:- coming and sees dayal and goes to him with smile.
Jhanavi:- how are you bhaiya..
Dayal:- fine jhanavi and how are you.
Jhanavi:- i am fine bhaiyaa and sees harshad and says ..
Is he your son harshad.
Dayal nodes and harshad takes blessing from her..
Dayal takes blessing from sachin parents..
Arupya comes out with baby..
Jhanavi introduce her to them.she about to take blessing but dayal stops her and says beti should not touch feet for blessing beta because they will always stays at heart and can i see baby..
Arupya:- ofcourse and gives baby to him.
harshad and dayal plays with baby..
Adarsh comes out cutting call and see dayal and harshad greets them…
Adarsh:- dad ragoo called her flight delayed she will be at home in one hour…
Slowly party startz and all gathers one after other..
Current suddenly goes and all looks worried.
Sachin:- checks outside and says Others have current except in our house i think fuse problemi will check.
Dayal:- sachin u be here with guest harshad and adarsh will check.
They both goes out but adarsh stops by hearing baby cry..
Harshad leaves to main and starts cheacking fuses one after other with help of flash in mobile..
Harshad find a fuse which has wire cutted.
Harshad :- cuts burned wire and about to change wire his mobile goes switches off..
Harshad:- shit battery off adarsh show your mobile flash man and holds a person hand who is just passing from him……
Person tooks mobile and shows flash to him..
He changes wire and puts on main board check everything finally and on main ..
Lights comes back ..

Harshad looks up and says finally lights came back adarsh thanks for your help.
He says with out turning…
Person:- haa actually i am not adarsh but his sister ragini thyagi..
and goes near to him to see his face before that.
Harshad immediatedly widen eyes and turns ..
In that process both hits their foreheads and she about to slip..
In mean time he holds her..
Both were mesmerised to see each other…..
They both comes to senses when they hear some one calling his name harshad ..
Ragini immediatedly stands and says :- are u harshad chopra…
Harshad:- yaa.
Ragini:- wow nice meeting u .you were here that means dayal also.
Harshad:- yaa dad is also here..
Ragini:- lets go inside then and moves from their but come back Ragini:- i want say sorry for u two time.
First one is for making u fall and hurt u in childhood and second sorry is and comes close to him.
Harshad moves back but she holds him and makes him stand straight and brings his head close to her head and slowly hits ..
He looks shocked..
Ragini:- we both wont look good with horn on our head you see and runs from their..
Harshad touches his head and smiles and says crazy girl..
But lovely girl with beautifull face..

Precap:-party time

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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  6. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Hey Sindhu nice 🙂 so u r the one who wrote this ff nice combo of Teju and Harshad aka Ragini and Aadarsh and u may not know I was the silent reader of your prem deewana ff actually I don’t read Swaragini FFs much that’s why I didn’t comment but some are too good like yours is one of them

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