My army officer episode 26


Ragini breaks hug and see harshad..
They both have a eye lock..
Ragini breaks her eyelock and says .
Ragini:- can i change and come..
Harshad just looks at herr.
Ragini feels shy ..she gets up and goes towards mirror ..
She starts removing her jewellary
While harshad looks at her from back and ragini looks at him threw mirror..
Harshad slowly walks towards her while she turns around by seeing his approach towards her…
Before ragini could speak anything he lifts her up and takes her to bed..
They closely covers them selfs in bed sheet later they both clothes were laying down ..
Harshad was top on ragini and kissing her neck …
While ragini hugs him tightly.
Later slowly they both consumate their marriage…

Morning …
Ragini is wearing harshad shirt and sitting beside harshad..
They both were sitting by entangling their fingers..
She resting her head on his shoulder where he is caring her hair..
Ragini about to get up but pulled back by harshad..
Ragini:- let me go today is my first day here and i dont want to be late Harshad :-its just 5 am naa..
Ragini:- so .i should take bath i should get ready i should make bresk fast for you both.
So let me go..

Harshad takes her hand and smells it and says ..
Harshad:- you were right.. to enjoy this smell it should be special and i had that special way yesterday night.
Ragini:- i said naa.
Harshad:- hmm but i want to have it again.
Ragini:- achaa and puts her hand on his nose and rubs it..
Harshad runs after her..
Finally he grabs her by hand and both collides with each other.
He immediatedly catches her waist and pulls tight against him.
Ragini struggles to get free from him but unable to so she pouts and sees him..
Harshad lifts her face by holding her chin…
Both smiles by looking at each other eyes….
Harshad leans towards her and pecks her lips..
After few minutes they both aparts from each other..
Ragini thinks something and smiles evily..
And makes a circles on his bare chest and says..

Ragini:- harshad ..
Harshad:- holding her waist by his both hands and says hmm.
Ragini:- i am sorry.
Harshad:- sorry but why..
Ragini:- why because i am going to push u and ran away.
Harshad:- what..
Before he could realise she pushes him and runs into washroom and bolts it..
Harshad smiles and says crazy girl no no..
She is no more crazy girl from now she is my crazy wife and i love this crazyness of her he smile s and sets his bed by folding blanket and arranging pillows..while he taking his clothes he hears a door opening sound and looks at washroom.
Ragini comes out wearing a cute pink and green colour saree by leaving her hair.
Harshad gets mesmerised by seeing her and signs her ? threw his hands while ragini smiles and says thank u…
Harshad hugs ragini from back while she getting ready..
Ragini pushes him inside washroom and goes to kitchen and sees dayal keeping milk on stove to boil.
Ragini:- good morning dad..
Dayal:- good morning dear ..
Ragini:- dad shall i make coffee.
Dayal:- yaa sure..
Ragini makes coffee for three of them and three sits outside and enjoys coffee..
Later dayal and harshad goes for walking.
While ragini prepares for break fast and lunch tooo..
Ragini goes inside while harshad us setting his collar infront of mirror…
Ragini makes him turn and adjust his collar and hugs him..
While he too hugs her ..
Ragini says by closing eyes
Ragini:- my army officer….
Harshad smiles and kisses her fore head….

The end..

Sry to end this ff from first onwards i thought this ff up their marriage only and as per no villans in this story i didnt get any ideas to alongate it..
After a long break i will come with another two ff .
One is raglak
Another is rag san.

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  1. long break!!! not fair dear, come back soon

    perfect ending with cute romance

    1. Sindhura

      Thank you
      I will try

  2. Sethidisha002

    why u end this fiction plz continue it or start a season 2

    1. Sindhura

      I will try dear

  3. Megha123

    Awsm ending bt do come back soon enough plz

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u
      I will try

  4. love it
    ur ff is so simple yet realistic so love it
    love rags and harsahd

  5. Awwwww sindhura,u ended dis alsoooo….bt superbbbb episode dearrrrr,,,jsttttt loved it….gonna misss u a lotzzz….watng for ur nxt ffs??????

  6. Astra

    Hi sinduraa…I have read all the episodes today… I really loved them a lot…. These many days I haven’t seen ur epis.. I’m really happy that I read them.. That was a nice beautiful story….??

  7. Rasha

    Wat yar today u ended both ff also it’s not fair for long gap.. try to come back soon..

    1. Sindhura

      When i come back you will enjoy with my ff
      So u have to wait dear.
      Thank u

  8. Dharani

    awesome and come back soon

  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely ending
    Will Waiting for you Di………..

  10. Rafeee


  11. Come back soon . I will miss u and ur ff?

  12. Alisha

    Hey Sindhura! Told ya.. Here I am! What a simple, sweet and cute love story. Loved your writing skills. I read all the episodes in one go. All of them were mind blowing, as I expected!
    Anyways.. Keep writing! Hope you start a season 2 of this fanfiction. Plus do tell me if you write any other fanfiction. Stay blessed and happy! ?❤️

    1. Sindhura

      I wrote two os
      My south indian girl.
      Mr and mrs dubbey

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