My army officer episode 25


I am sry i again writing some bidaii scene bare with me.

Ragini is crying slowly when harshad says.
Harshad:- dont worry ragini this car has sound proof glasses you can shout and cry..
Ragini opens her mouth in shock and sees harshad..
Where dayal too turns and looks at him in shock.
Ragini:- dad see na how is he saying.
Dayal:- shut up harshad.
Harshad:- what dad you changed your party immediatedly.
Ragini:- pouts her face seeing dayal and call innocently
See dad how he is teasing me.
Immediatedly dayal hits him.
And says shut up and dont dare to say anything to her understand or else i will threw you out.
By saying this he turns to that side.
Harshad sees ragini while she keeps her tongue out and immitates him.
harshad opens her mouth and immediatedly drags her towards him and whispers in her ears..
Harshad:- get ready to face the consiquences .
Ragini:- what will you do haa.

Harshad:- ask this same question when you and me are in same room that too when alone and thats tonight..
I hope you knew what is this night for us.
Ragini imediatedly turns into red and starts blushing.
Harshad:- oh see some one is blushing so much which made them turn into shimla red apple.
Dont worry i will not waste this apple .i will taste it for my entire life and for every second.
Ragini blushes more and pushes him from her ears and turns towards window completely by hidding her face from his gaze..
And this act made harshad to laugh sliently and he too turns towards his side window..
After 10 minutes they reach their house.
Ragini entres in to their house with all rituals..
She directed to his and her room..
Ragini was sitting inbetween bed with veil on her face..
She remembers what ever harshad told to her in car and blushes more..
She hears door opening sound and closing .
she slightly looks at him from her transperant veil ..
He sits next to her…
Ragini bits her lower lip in tension and she sees that harshad nervousness by his shivering hands.
Harshad:- can i say something to you.
Ragini:- hmm.

Harshad:- by seeing you i had a feeling that a big red shimla apple is sitting under veil and starts to laugh…
Ragini gets angry and she started beating him with veil on her face..
Harshad block her by his hands by holding her..
He pushes her on bed and he come on her..
Both were feeling differently..
Harshad slowly opens her veil while she keeps annoying faces..
Harshad laughs and kisses her forehead says .i love you alot.
Ragini opens her closed eyes and replies to him .
I love you too.
He takes his hand support on head and keeps in stairing her and she too stairs at him…
Harshad:- this night is not only meant for us to be together but also to get our souls into one..haa it will happen definetly but before that lets talk if you are or if you want we will talk later and first we..

Before he could say anything ragini hugs him in that sleeping position only by hiding her head on his chest….
Harshad hugs her back and smiles by closing his eyes says:- i love this moment….
Later they both got separated and talking with each other…
Later ragini too turns towards him and keeps her hand under her head and talking with him so deeply that she didnt realise that her dupta opened from her waist and exposing her lean waist to harshad whose eyes were stuck at that part…
Ragini sees him not responding to her and his gaze not on her face..
She immediatedly sees that he is watching her exposed waist and immediatedly shuts his eyes..closes her eyes too and smiles..
Harshad:- hi thats not fair you cant snatch my rights from seeing you every where..

Precap:- their comsumation…

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  1. Megha123

    Aww….toooo harshad is too romantic

  2. superb

  3. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely epi Di
    Harshad is too romantic
    Waiting for the next one………..

  4. Ufffff…..itsss sssoooooo romanticccc yaaar???

  5. Rasha

    Oh upto now u haven’t show harshad this side I thought he is army person so lil it unromantic but he was so naughty com full of romantic romeo want to say.. By this part only u will complete thr together I thought but ur taking for next part to ur more than harshad dear..

    1. Sindhura

      I my self felt uncomfortable to write intense scenes and coming to romance when we get our loved onces we automatically turns into romeo

  6. aweeeeeee just love them

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