My army officer episode 24

Ragini sitting by wearing a beautifull light colour yellow saree and waiting for her shagun haldi.
After sometime her haldi comes and all starts applying to her..
Arupya:- ragini..
Ragini:- haa babhi.
Arupya:- this haldi was appilied to harshad already and now i am going to apply to you..and if you want you can assume like harshad is applying to you.
Ragini:- babhi..
Arupya sits infront of her and started applying to her cheecks , forehead, chin..
Ragini too assumes like harshad only applying to her…
Arupya:- so completed is your assuming completed or still its going on.
Ragini:- blushes and says babhi please…
After all rituals completed..
Sachin and jhanavi were talking to each other..
ragini comes and knocks on their door.
Sachin:- come in ragini.
Ragini goes and hugs sachin and cries..
Sachin:- what happen ragini.why are you crying.
Ragini:- i miss you papa..
Sachin:- i too miss you but i will be happy by missing you.
Ragini breaks hug and says:- means.
Sachin:- see when father gets sure that his daughter will be more hsppy in her inlaws house then father will be feel proud..
And when i knew that you will start your most happiest phase of your life then why i will be sad infact i want you to start with a huge smile not with tears..
Ragini nodes and hugs him…

Jhanavi smiles with teardy eyes .
They hear a two more voices and turns to see.
Voices:- can we also join.
Ragini goes and hugs him.
Ragini:- bhaiyaa.
Adarsh:- my choti princess dont cry we will stay at same city and infact dayal uncle and our houses are near only and we all knew dayal uncle from our childhood right then why are you getting tensed.
Ragini:- it just that i will miss you.
Adarsh:- see before this you used to live in newyork i and dad used to live in different places which are very far from each other..
Now see you and dad were living at one place
which is near to each other..
And coming to me i too got transfer near to you..
If we want to see each other .then we three will
be infront of each other with in hours ok.
Ragini hugs him.
Both gets emotional..
Next morning.
Arupya and jhanavi were making ragini ready in bridal dress..
Here harshad is wearing cream colour sherwani and doing rituals and after a while he hears footsteps and all turns towards stairs a cute smile appeared on all faces and harshad had a glow on his face by seeing ragini in wedding dress…
Sachin holds her and makes her sit next to harshad who smiles by looking at each other…
They both starts doing puja and after a while pandit asks them to stand and exchange garlands..
They both does..
Now harshad took saath pheras and fills her maand with sindoor..
They makes her wear mangalsutra….
They both makes blessing from all.
Jhavani stands aside of ragini holding plate and walking with her.
while she takes flowers and threws back while walking and crying…
Jhavani catches those flowers with her pallu.
She reaches to main door and sees her dad and brother having tears in their eyes..
She hugs both of them..
Three of them cries..

Dayal and harshad feels bad by seeing her state..
Sachin in ears of ragini:- enter into your home with a smile but not with tears ok.
Adarsh:- and no more tears dear
He wipes his tears..
Ragini hugs her mother and babhi.
Following where dayal and harshad hugs sachin and adarsh..
They bid bye to ragini and her family who leaves in car…
Sachin sees his house and says..
My house filled with different type of calmness.
They all hugs each other..
Harshad holds ragini hand and assures her with his eyes..
Here ragini entres into harshad house with all rituals.
Few of their neighbours makes her sit in her and harshad room.

Precap:- harshad and ragini close moments..

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  1. Megha123

    Awww….It’s too emotional

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    Awesome Superb
    Loved Ragini’s Emotional act
    Waiting for the next one…………

  3. Loved it…watng for precap??

  4. Love the ff
    So realistic
    Love rags and harshad

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hi missed one n half months.can some update wat happen to Swa/Desh?

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      I dont i dont follow
      That serial

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