My army officer episode 23

Morning sunrays makes ragini wake up..
They makes her ready for mehndi and all started coming one after the other..
Harshad was seeing ragini while she is busy in talking and keeping mehndi..
She feels like some one stairing her and sees and realises harshad seeing her.
She asks threw signs
Ragini :- what..
Harshad:- you were looking beautifull..
Ragini smiles .
Their conversion was disturbed by arupya as she drags him towards ragini to find his name on her hands….
He sees her and about to hold her hand all shouts no.
He jerks for a minute and asks what happen.
Ragini smiles at him reaction and says..
my mehndi was still wet if you hold my hand it will spoil..
And i dont want my mehndi to get spoil.
So without touching only try to find.
Harshad :- ok..
And after alot of battle he finds his name.
All claps for him..
Later after ragini was going by a room and suddenly dragged by a hand.
Ragini sees that person as harshad snd scolds him.
Ragini:- my mehndi..
Harshad pouts his face holds her waist and drags her closely.
Harshad:- ragini for you me important or this mehndi.
Ragini:- you only and now you were their in this mehndi so it is also important.
Harshad:- what so important in it.
Ragini:- i love it smell.
Harshad:- let mee to smell it.
ragini takes her hand back and says not like this and not now.
Harshad:- then when.
Ragini:- for it a special day is their then i will allow you.
Harshad hugs her …
Ragini:- i too want to hug you by wrapping my hands around you .
But my hands were filled with..

Harshad:- no problem now i will hug you later you can give me with percentage..ok
Ragini:-ok done..
Hi you are here what if any one find you and me here..
Harshad:- dont worry i will handle it .
Ragini:- ohh some one is becoming romantic day by day.
Harshad:- what to do i was unable to control by seeing my heaven beauty infront of me.
Ragini:- then how do you control yoursrlf before our proposal.
Harshad:- dont ask me i only knew how i controlled my self..
Ragini:- wont you tell me..
Harshad:- shall i tell you or shall i show you.
Ragini:- show me.
Harshad:- ok..but are you sure
He pins her against wall by extending her hands on wall by taking care of her mehndi….
Ragini:- my meh…
Harshad :- shhhh…comes close to her and sees keeping his eyes close to her eyes..
He passes his hand from her palm towards her side of chest..
Ragini shivers and closes her eyes.
He continues and ends by holding her bare waist from side ways and squeezes it and bring her close to her..
At a moment harshad too lost his senses but comes back immediatedly and whispers in her ears..
I will say you and show you in our wedding night..
Ragini smiles by closing her eyes..
Harshad too smiles and kisses her eyes..
Ragini opens her eyes ..
Both sees each other lovingly.
Ragini:- tomorrow is haldi and from that time i cant see you untill you put sindoor on me.
I will miss you

Harshad:- after that i will be infront of your eyes only….
Ragini:- hmm.ok then you go now Harshad:- i dont want to.
Ragini:- but you have too otherwise how can i become yours.
Harshad:- logic..he immediatedly kisses her and about to go..
Ragini:- hii.
Harshad:- what..
Ragini:- you gave me what you want..dont you take what i want to
Give you ..Harshad smiles ..
While ragini signals him to come close to her..
Harshad walks and keeps hands on walls making her block to wall.
Ragini lifts her legs and kisses him on his forehead while he closes his eyes..
Harshad:- now shall i go..
Ragini nodes her head..
Harshad goes out with out anyone notice..
And ragini too..

Precap:- raginis haldi and marriage..

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