My army officer episode 22


They all goes inside shop..
Sachin:- lets go to that shop..
First they selects dress for ragini and lehengas..
She keeps on her and selects few lehengas..
Later they does few saree shopping to wear by ragini after marriage.
Now they select harshad sherwanis which matches their both dresses..
They all goes to food court..
Ragini gets a message and sees .
I miss you from harshad.
Ragini reply:- i am infront of you only what their to miss me.
Harshad reply:- but you were not with me..
Harshad sends pouts face picture
Ragini send kiss picture..
Harshad sends fainted picture.
Ragini sends blushing picture.
Both stops messaging and sees each other.
Dayal interrupts them.
Dayal:- when is adarsh and arupya coming.
Sachin:- to night.
Ragini:- he didnot said to me.
Sachin:- you were busy with phone naa may be your attenstion was not here..
All giggles while ragini feels shy
And harshad drinks water in embaressement.
All laughs seeing their state..
Finally they started going ..
Both were passing messages threw eyes and smiles..
Harshad slowly:- meet you tomorrow evening.
Ragini smiles and waves him bye..
They both were seeing each other from their mirrors in car.
Finally they both reaches to their houses had dinner and went yo their own rooms…
Ragini smiles by laying down on bed where here harshad smiles to him self by standing outside of his balcony..

The day passes and next day evening appears..
Where all were standing around..
Harshad wearing white suit and ragini wearing a pink colour with gold colour mix lehenga..
He makes her wear ring and she makes him wear ring all claps.
Adarsh:- lets have a small dance and he plays some slow music.
All stands and dances with their pairs ..
Harshad and ragini were lost into each other eyes and dances..
Ragini sees dayal standing alone.
He says something to harshad in his ears.
He smiles and says as per your wish my lord..
Ragini smiles and goes towards dayal.
Ragini:- papa can you dance with your daughter and forwards her hand.
Dayal:- but beta its your and harshad function you both dance na why mee.
Ragini:- i want to impress father first as already your son impressed with me.
Dayal laughs.

And sats lets dance.
Sachin smiles and says to jhanavi see my daughter is grown so much
Arupya to adarsh.
You were very lucky to have her.she knew how to make all happy equally.
Adarsh:- yaa if she was not their then i might not got a beautifull wife and cute daughter..
All sees dayal and ragini dance by stopping their dance.
Dayal gets emotional and says.
Dayal:- after harshad mom priya left this world my small world and my house covered with darkness and now their will be no more darkness in our home because a daughter like you was going to come entre our house and thanks selecting my son.
I dont knew what you saw in my son but when ever i saw you i wished you as my daughter in law and god lisened to my wishes i am very happy and kisses her forehead
Ragini:- even i am blessed to have a father like you who had no differences to my father.
And you have to promise me that you should be also in my team opposite to harshad.
Dayal:- done.

They both hi fives and looks at harshad who nodes his head with a smile.
Dayal forwards his hand to him
Harshad goes and hugs him with ragini.
Dayal:- thank you harshad for bringing ragini into our lifes..
Sachin takes their three hugging photo.
After that they all takes family photo..
Later all takes officals photos..
Ragini was taken to her room.
She is taking rest and sees her ring and smiles.
She feels a pair of hands wrapping around her..
Harshad:- thinking about me.
Ragini:- no thinking about us..
Harshad takes her hand into hers and kisses her ring finger..
Where she kisses him on his cheecks..

Precap:- haldi and mehndi…

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  2. Megha123

    Awsm part loved ragini’s bonding with everyone

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  4. aweeeeee so cute love ur ff

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely epi Di
    Dayal and Ragini’s bonding was Amazing
    Waiting for the next one……….

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    Sry di couldn’t cmnt n few epi as I was busy with my studies… From today onwards I l cmnt here for all ff’s in this page.. I read both.. It’s amazing… Sry once again… Di.. Pls don’t mind.. I l be cmntng like before once my xmz got over

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      Arey dear sister first all the best for your exams ok
      Later u can comment first study well

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  8. Nusz Khan

    This was the cutest episode sissy.

    You should do a preetika and Harshad Fan-Fiction it would be awesome because you have great writing skills aha.

    Anyways keep smiling like always xx

    ~Nusz xx

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      I like tejaswii alot so

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