My army officer episode 21


Ragini is waiting in sachin cabin.
Where harshad and all were standing near window and lisening to them.
Sachin entres..
Sachin:- raguu what happen why you came here.
Ragini:- i resigned dad..
Sachin , harshad and his frds were shocked.
Sachin:- what but why..
Ragini:- he is i mean dean and all people were cowards dad.
Sachin sits next to her and says..
Sachin:- that means they wanted you to resign because.
Ragini:- they think that because of me and your profession their lifes might be at risk.
Sachin:- whats wrong in that they should take their safety measurements right.
Ragini:- safety my foot they were selfush people who afraided to sacrife their lifes our country .they even can do that for their family sake then what they will do for country selfish idiots .
Sachin:- see we joined these forces as we love to serve india and coming to lifes we are ready to die thats why we took this profession and you people i mean daughters family and wife you people will also have same respect towards our profession and india..
That doesnt mean that all should be like that..understood

Ragini:- hmm.
Sachin:- now tell me what you said to dean and what he said to you..
Ragini:- he said me to resign offically and work as unofficial.
Sachin:- and you said that no need i will resign unofficaly to.
Ragini:- hmm do you thismnk i did it in ego.
Sachin:- oh my baby doll never had ego….
You are my cute princess.
Ragini:- ahh hugs him and says i feel fry now..
Thank you dad.
Sachin:- welcome.
And while going meet harshad and his collugues also ok
Ragini:- haa oh god they said hi to me but then my mood was off i didnt responded good.
Sachin:- no problem while going meet them properly ok.
Ragini:- fine bye dad.
Sachin:- by the way now you are free so learn how to cook from your mother ok.
Ragini:- dad i knew how to cook ok.
Sachin:- haa i knew you can cook but dont show your foreign receipes on us and poor dayal and harshad.
Ragini hits him and says..
Ha ha very funny i knew how to cook indian food also..
Sachin:- bye..

Harshad will be at main door side.
Ragini:- ok.
Harshad and arjun runs back to his team mates before ragini could reach their….
Arjun and harshad talks with each other.
Arjun:- she is different yar.
Harshad:- thats why i fallen for her.
Arjun:- finally you said that you were in love with her..
Mean while ragini comes their.
Ragini:- hi..
Arjun and harshad :- hi
Ragini:- i am sorry that my mood was off thats why ..
Can i meet your friends..
Harshad:- sure..
Arjun:- i will bring them you carry on.
Harshad:- you ok.
Ragini says what ever happen.
Harshad:- hi thats it chill i sm their for you naa..
Ragini smiles..

Meanwhile harshad friends comes their.
She meets all obe by one..
Ragini invites them all for thrir engagement..
Harshad was walking with ragini to give send off to her..
Harshad:- so meet you at evening.
Ragini:- evening any special.
Harshad:- shopping yar ..
Ragini:- ahh ya ya sorry ..
Harshad:- hmm ok then bye ..
Ragini:- bye…
Harshad:- take care..
Ragini:- you too..
They both goes back to their destinations..
Harshad and dayal..
Raginis family reaches mall to shop for their engagement..

Precap:- ragini and harshad shopping..

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    Awesome Superb
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