My army officer episode 20


Ragini is sitting frontvand lost in her thoughts..
Dayal and harshad looks at each other and signals each other to talk with her..
Finally ragini only speaks .
Ragini:- dayal uncle can i ask you a question.
Dayal:- ha beta why not.
Ragini:- do my job gives you all tension.

Dayal:- no actually you are always a baby doll to your father just thin k because of your safety your dad send you to states just because of a treat call and now someone attacked you.
Ragini:- now he should send me to underground.
All smiles..
Dayal:- your dad is ver very protective when it comes to your issud..
Ragini:- i knew uncle he loves me alot.
Harshad reaches their home.
Dayal:- ok bye beta soon this house is going to be your also..
Ragini:- bye uncle..
Harshad starts driving again and sees ragini who is lost in her world.
Harshad:- smiles and says if you do job or not i dont mind i will take care of you like my princess ok
Ragini:- thank you prince jii.
Harshad drops her to hospital ..
He sees hospital and soon he remembers that day and his smile vanishes..
Ragini observes it and leans towards him kisses him on his cheecks .
Harshad touches his cheeck and looks at her..
Ragini:- dont worry i will be fine hmm.
Harshad:- bye and kisses her forehead.
Ragini while walking thinks something and directly goes yo dean cabin.
all were greeting her and few were seeing her being afraid…this hurted her alot.
Ragini knocks on door ..
Dean:- come in.
Ragini:- how are you sir.
Dean:- hello mr.thyagi i should ask you that question to you.
Ragini:- i am fine.

Dean:- how is your hand now.
Ragini:- its fine sir.
Dean:- ragini i knew it will hurt you but we took a decision about you that is..
Ragini:- i too want to resign sir..
Dean:- no i mean we want you make you emergency doctor in our hospital.i mean when we needed we will call you and from now their is no need to come daily.
Ragini:- i will always help you sir but i just want to say that i want to resign officialy and unofficaly also.i can see fear in all your faces sir..and i can understand you people fear also..
who will sacrife their lifes for others sir..these army people and their family are mad thats why..
With out any relation with this society they are ready to die just for give you people safety whose mind are very low..
I am not only saying by being a daughter and soon going to be a wife of army officer..
I am ready to sacrife my life for this society and ofcourse for saving army to ..bye sir ..
Before going i will submit my letter to you…
Dean looks on..
Ragini:- if you were not that much afraid please come to my wedding and bless me and my husband..
Ragini leaves from their ..
She comes out in disappointment.
So she decided to meet sachin and goes to their office…
Sachin was taking rounds..
Harshad and his gang was in ground checking equipments..

Arjun sees ragini coming ..
Smiles and signs to his group members without harshad notice.
They all started shouting ..
Hi ragini.
Harshad looks up and sees his frds looking direction.he turns and sees ragini..
Harshad:- hi.
Ragini:- hi.
Arjun:- you here at this time. Want to meet any one.
Harshad looks at him angrily.
Ragini:- yaa i want to meet dad thats why .i will meet you guys later bye.
Arjun:- is she ok. Did that incident effected her.
Harshad:- no you knew that she faced that situation very bravely .
I think she is upset about something.
Arjun:- may be marrying you.
Harshad :- shut up.
All laughs..

Precap:- sachin and ragini.

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  1. Nice 🙂

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    Awesome Superb
    What Ragini said is also right
    Waiting for the next one…………

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  5. nice one………..

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    superb yaar pls update family bonding ff

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      I making story for season 2 it will take time dear

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