My army officer episode 2


Sachin shouts dayal chopra and hugs him…
Adarsh and another young man were stood in shock.
Dayal:- how r u yar after so many years i am seeing u ..
Sachin about to speak but sees their around traffic is stuck.
Sachin:- lets go to drak chocolate cafe and talk.
They four of them reach cafe and sat in round table conference started talking.
Dayal:- now tell me how r u and yaa i lisened that you were transfered to dehradun ..
Sachin:- yaa i came here as my family settled here and my son blessed with baby girl and our 25th anniversary is also comming so thought to threw a party in fact i am going to call u
Dayal:- thats great news and sees towards adarsh and says ..doudtedly is he adarsh..
Sachin:- yes..
Dayal:- oh my god he changed a lot and how r u young man.
Adarsh stood and took blessing from him and ssys fine uncle.
Dayal:- and he is my son harshad chopra.
He too takes blessing from sachin and greets adarsh.
Dayal:- yar where raguu i want to see that shaitan how she might turned now.
Sachin:- well doing in shaitaani she got more experinces her mom couldnt bare it anymore and send her to usa..she is doctor their and a big bad new for her mom..
Dayal:- wat..
Adarsh:- haa uncle shaitan is returning home for permenant.
All laughs and harsh just threw a smile as he dont remember her.
Dayal:- harshad do u remember her in childhood once she asked your fav gun toy and u didnt give her and she put oil on step for that he fall from their and u got this beautifull chin.
Harshad:- oh my god she how can i forget her face she is the first and last person who troubled me alot.
By lisening it all brusted into laugh

Dayal:- where is your posting adarsh..
Adarsh:- andhra pradesh side uncle.
Dayal:- oh.
Sachin:- and your dayal.
Dayal:- retired boss u wereforgetting that i was injured my leg thats why i was just taking few theortical classes.
Sachin:- oh yaa sry and u harshad.
Harshad:- my posting was here only uncle ..
Sachin:- thats good….
Adarsh phone rings..

Harsh looks at his phone and a pair of two beautifull eyes were displaying and showing as shaitan calling.. and thinks is she ragini but her eyes were beautifull.
Adarsh took phone and says look who is calling dad shaitaan my sisy.
Dayal:- keep in speaker adarsh i want to hear her voice.
Adarsh:- sure uncle and does same before he could say hello ..
Ragini:- i hate u i just hate u bhaiya . How can u do this to me ..
And keep on shouting.
Adarsh:- stop it sisy wat happen why r u shouting on me.
Dayal and harshad sachin smiles.
Ragini:- dont tell me u forget how can you do that to me…
Adarsh:- what i forgot.
Ragini:- keep phone on speaker and call dad.
Adarsh:- dad is here only and call is on speaker already and two more…
Ragini cuts him
Ragini:- dad just suspend bhai from job how can u keep a person who cant remember anything.
Sachin:- ragini calm down and say it straight wat happen.
Raginii:- dad 2 day before i said to him to book a ticket for me as i will be busy for 48 hours and when today i open my phone i didnot get any ticket msg dad and see he forget about that..
Sachin sees adarsh angrily:- did u forget adarsh.
Adarsh:- i also busy dad and ticket booking wipped from my mind.
Ragini:- how could u bhai see now my frds are trying if i dont get i Cant come to india on time.
I did my resignation and took all certificates on time but no use of it see now i dont have ticket..
I hate u bhai…

Dayal:- beta i have few contact in airways if u want i will help u.
Ragini:- bhai wat happen to your voice why it like someone else …
All laughs.
Sachin:- ragoo do u remember dayal chopra uncle in your childhood we used to live next to
each other and once u made his son fall from stairs because he didnot give a toy to u.
Ragini:- dad dont embarresse me that time i was kid and yaa uncle i remember u but not exactly if i see u may be i will recognise u.
Dayal:- may be. you were very small then any way can i help to in ticket matter.
Ragini:- no need uncle my frds are trying from here they will get and thank u for asking.
Adarsh:- when u get it then why r u shouting at me.
Ragini:- u dont talk to me . If u book ticket i maycome directly but see now i have to take two flight.
Adarsh:- fine shaitaan i am sry ..i will pay for my mistake a big one.
Ragini:- whole 2days out in delhi.
Ragini:- hii love u bhai and ya i booked my ticket i will start to night here and then hyd then from hyd to delhi…bye uncle..bye dad..
Adarsh opened his mouth in shock and says ..
See dad wat she did …
She will never change and says god knew wat will happen to me in those two days…
All laughs.
Sachin:- u gave her a chance by not booking ticket so face her…
Adarsh:- i didnot do it wantedly dad i was busy in work and forget about that..
Dayal:-she didnt change sachin infact she became more mischevious..
Sachin:- haa thats right.
Dayal:- but why u send her that far u cant live with out her right.
Sachin:- at one point i got threaten calls towards her and a small attack also happen thats why for security issues i send her away.
Dayal:- hmm.
Sachin:- any way come day after tomorrow with your whole family ok and harshad dont skip ok.
Harshad:- sure uncle i will come..
They all leaves to their places..

Precap:- ragini and harshad meeting..

The eyes in dp were tejaswii i edited it how is it frds.
I hope you liked her eyes and yaa sry for spelling mistakes. I am typing from phone thats why

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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