My army officer episode 19


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Next day ragini is getting ready to go to hospital..
Suddenly she hears a sound and turns around gets shocked and opens her mouth..
Ragini:- harshad what are you doing here.what if any one see you here . Are you mad.. oh my god .how you…
Harshad drags her close to him by holding by waist….
Ragini opens her eyes in shock while he holds her waist tightly and drags her more close to him.
Ragini:- harshad what are you doing leave me please..
Harshad:- you were not seeing me completely and what i am wearing, and why i came like this to you
Ragini:- oh come on whats new in that you were wearing uniform thats it and realises and looks at him again.
Harshad comes more close to her and says huskily so do you remember miss ragini thyagi.
Ragini slowly by keeping her head down and her hand on his chest.
Ragini:- what if any one sees you go harshad it wont look nice please.
Harshad:- i want to fullfill your and mine wish together.
Ragini breaths heavily while he holds her chin and makes her look into his eyes..
Harshad:- shall i ..

Ragini smiles and lifts her head and gives position to make easy for him.
Finally they both kisses each other.while he holds her waist tightly and she holds her collar at back of her neck tightly by pulling his collar..
After few minutes they both composes them selfs ragini feels shy and hugs him tightly by placing his head on his chest.
Soon they hear a knock on door ..
Jhanavi:- how much time you will take ragini you knew dayal uncle came to meet you . Come fast..
Ragini breaks hug and sees harshad who winks at her..
Ragini:- yes maa i am coming in two minutes..
She keeps a hand on his mouth and punches him on his stomach
For which he shout ummm.
Then ragini takes her hand and says you acted like you came for me hmm i wont talk to you and about to leave but harshad holds her and hugs from back and says i came to your room without any one knowledge..
Ragini:- achaa how.
Harshad:- you did not hear aunty said only dayal uncle came she didnot took my name..
Ragini:- haa you were right..
Why you didnot came with uncle.
Harshad makes her turn towards him and holds her by waist where she keeps her hands around his neck.
Harshad:- i said dad to go first and I have some work so i will come later and see without anyones notice i came to your room and without complimenting me you were showering me with questions instead of love.

Ragini:- achaa then who kissed you me or my shadow.
Harshad:- oye hello i kissed you . But you didnt kissed me..
And looks away..
Ragini makes him to see her and says thank you for coming into my life and gives a peck on his lips.
Harshad:- hmm thats like a good girl thank you..
Ragini and harshad laughs by joining their foreheads..
Ragini helps him to go out by balcony and she goes down lije nothing happen.
After going down she about to bend down to take blessing but dayal stops her and says..
Beti places in dad life are always in hearts ragini and you were not my daughter in law infact you were going to be my daughter.
Harshad:- then what about me dad.
Dayal :- you will get promotion from my sin to son in law.
Harshad:- thats not fair dad..
Sachin:- dont worry harshad i will adopt you as my son from now onwards..
As i will be tension free.
Ragini:- papa …
Sachin laughs and streches his hands..
Ragini goes and hugs him.
Sachin:- u gave me nearly a heart attack in last week ragini..
After that even now i am fearing for your safety i hope you understand what i want to say harshad and dayal.
Dayal:- dont worry about her from now she is my daughter..
Harshad:- and my responsibility..

Dont worry uncle i will take care of her more than my self..because she is going to be my life patner.
Sachin hugs him and thanks him.
While ragini sees him lovingly.
He lifts his eyebrows and asks her what happen.
While she nodes her head and says nothing..
Sachin:- is it that needed for you to join in hospital.
Ragini:- papa come on nothing will happen and how can you sure that i will be safe in home.
Sachin:- ifcourse you will its army Family quaters no one can entre here and i am earning enough that i can look after you like princess then why..
Ragini :- hugs him and says .
Papa its not about money i just want to go thats it.
Sachin:- you wont lisen to me right.
Ragini innocently calls papa..
Sachin:- fine fine your wish.
Harshad and dayal will drop you go.
Ragini:- then how i will come home.
Sachin:- i will come to pick you.
Ragini:- ahh
Sachin:- if i didnt get time then i will send driver and no more arguments go..
Ragini:- fine bye..

Precap:- harshad and ragini shopping..

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