My army officer episode 18


Ragini hugging harshad by standing on toes where harshad lifted her completely and hugging her tightly.
Both were lost into each other hug and enjoying by closing eyes….
Waves were touching his feet and her toes..
Harshad:- ragini..
Ragini:- hmm.
Harshad:- i love you.
Ragini:- breaks hug and looks at him and says i love you too.
Harshad:- our parents wants to fix our marriage are u ready for it.
Ragini:- yaa i am ready.
Harshad:- are u sure.
Ragini pouts and holds his shoulders and lifts her legs and kissez him on his cheecks and says 100% sure..
But are u sure to marry this pagal doctor.

He drags her close to him by holding her waist and sayss 200% and kisses him on her cheecks
while she closes her eyes and feels his touch on her cheecks and on her waist.
He comes back and sees at her face and then leans towards her lips their noses touches but he comes back to normal position.
Ragini opens her eyes and asks what happen..
Harshad:- what ever it is public place and i dont want to kiss u in hurry by feel of some one might watch us..
Ragini :- that means u want to kiss me with out any tension haa.
Harshad:- i just want to feel you lips nothing else..
Ragini smiles and both hugs back..

Harshad:- shall we go back.
Ragini who burried her head in harshad necks nodes no.
Harshad:- come on ragini its getting late and its not good come lets leave.
Ragini:- but i like this to be in your Embrase i dont want to leave you.
Harshad:- hi if we say our answer to our parents they are ready to get married us immediatedly then how much long you want to hug me you can.
Lets go jaan.
Ragini:- jaan and all haa.
Harshad:- you are more than that .
You were my soul ragini.
Ragini:- and you were my breath harshad with out which this ragini can not live..
Harshad kisses her on forehead..
Both holds each other hands and started walking slowly…..
Both reaches their own houses and says yes ..
Their family gets happy and shares news with each other.
Ragini goes to her room and thinks about harshad and their moments and smiles..
Here harshad too lost in his own world.

Harshad:- what a idiot you are yar.
she gave to permission to kiss her but you said public place and all ahh.
Damm now i want to kiss her now
What i should do ..
By keeping disbelife face says what can i doo i have to wait untill my marriage gets done..
Stupid and hits himself….
Dayal:- harshadd.
Harshad:- coming dad..
Dayal:- we fixed your engagement after 2 days is it ok with you.
Harshad:- yes dad..
Here sachin also says samething to ragini.
She too accepts and goes to her room.
She gets a message from harshad.
Harshad:- so madam get ready to engage with me offically..
Ragini:- you get ready to become mine offically.
Harshad:- so what you will gift me.
Ragini:- why me only .you should also gift me right.
Harshad:- lets both gift each other same thing ok.
Ragini:- ok but what it will be.
Harshad:- the thing will be which i said no today to you.
Ragini:- what you said no today to me.

Harshad:- ahh a kiss.
Ragini:- haa i want to kiss you but i want our first you should wear uniform.
Harshad:- what.
Ragini:- yaa i want to kiss u in your uniform .i knew its my weird wish but make it true na..
Harshad laughs and says..
Harshad:- i promise i will make it true before our engagement ok.
Ragini:- really
Harshad:- really..
Ragini:- i love you harshad.
Harshad:- i love you too ragini..
They both dozes off to their sleeps.
At harshad office.
All shouts congrates…
We knew it in the first day itself.
It was clear on your face that you fell for her but this stubborn cute idiot didnot accept.
Arjun:- come on guys dont tease him otherwise he will turn into complete red ballon and it may burst at any moment.
Harshad:- arjun you also.
All laughs..
Arjun and harshad walks back to their cabins ..
Arjun:- must say you both will look cute and romantic couple ..
I can say that by seeing your love towards her in your eyes..
Harshad:- shut up yar you were really making me embarrese..
Arjun:- ha ha concentrate on your work haa dont forget ok…
Harshad:- arjun..

Arjun:- harshad..
Achaa tell me one thing did you and her gave pet names to each other like jaanu sweetu like that.
Harshad:- we are happy with our original names..
Arjun:- moody fellow..

Precap:- harshad coming to ragini room sceretly..

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  1. Dharani

    awesome and I want to ask u a question are u fan of ragini because in ur ffs which I read in all that ragini is main and I read ur ek anokhi kahani, all alone ragini, ragsan (prem deewana), family bonding, my army officer, her director his designer and please tell if u wrote any other ffs I would love to read them as well and my first ever read ff is ek anokhi kahani

      1. Dharani

        I will definitely read it

  2. Megha123

    Aww….too cute.? Loved ragad ❤❤❤can’t wait for nxt part try to post it ASAP

  3. Superb ff

  4. Priya15

    omg..omg…what a romantic couple they are..this harshad is so cute seriously..pehle hi mujhe harshad bahut pasand hai,..i mean from dehleez serial…but isme toh aur zyada hi hogaya…

  5. Rafeee


  6. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely epi
    Waiting for the next one……..

  7. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww loved it sindhura dear….. ☺ its jst awesome awesome awesome…. ??

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