My army officer episode 17


Ragini is combing her hair sitting infront of mirror wearing a dark pink colour long plain skirt and having white shirt exposing her shoulders and having a white transpernt white shirt..
Small white stone studs..
A small white stone bindhe and little pink lipstick..
She started smiling to her self and thinking….
Dad said that dayal uncle and him decided both of us to get married..

Ragini :- i am ready dad but before that i want to talk to harshad and ask my self if he is ready or not..
If you ask what if he accepts me because of respecting uu.
Sachin:- ok as your wish but as i knew he loves you..
Ragini:- i too think like that only dad but i want to lisen from his mouth ..
Sachin:- all the best..

Flash back ends…

Ragini:- finally that day arrived that i am going out with you.
I knew that you love me but i just want to conform verbally from you..
Soon she lisens a horn sound .
She goes near window and sees harshad waiting for her..
She smiles and shows finger to him like signaling she is coming down.
I immediatedly took my clutch and run down stairs and running towards main door i heared my dad shouting at me..
All the best beta..
I too replied thank you dad…
I can see his expression that he stuck his eyes on me ..
I can see his loving look on me..
I feeling so shy and happy too.
I went infront of him and waved my hands infront of his eyes and i brought him back to this world from me although i didnt want to..
do it.
He offered me to sit by opening car door..
He came and sat on driving seat by fixing our seat belts…
Ragini:- so where are going to take me..
Harshad:- do you knew meaning of surprise…
Ragini:- yaa but right now i am with you right so i forgot…
And smiles bitting her lower lip.
Harshad too smiles at her by noding his head …
Harshad in mind :- you are making

me crazy ragini i dont knew how i will control my self when i will be with you.
He thinks his dad saying his and ragini’s marriage proposal.
Fb starts.
Dayal:- i knew that you love ragini and you will accept to it but before that i think ..
Harshad:- i should asks her whether she too loves me or not .
Are she ready be become my soul mate..
Right papa..
Dayal:- hmm..
My son is becoming romantic.
Harshad:- dad..
Dayal:- its not your fault ..
Its because of ragini who turned you like that like a lovely romeo..
Harshad:- dad and smiles..
Dayal:- you started blushing too ha ha..
Taps his head and says bring my daughter soon.ok.
Harshad and dayal shares a hug..

Fb ends…
Harshad comes back to his senses..
By reaching their destination..
Ragini opens window and turns to harshad with full exicted expressions.
She immediatedly hugs him..
Ragini:- wow harshad beach. You bought me to beach .
She breaks hug and peeps out of car window and says its lovely harshad thank you a lot.
Lets goo..
She immediatedly gets down harshad too gets down by saying to stop..
Ragini:- why we reached naa your surprise is open now.
Harshad:- this is not my surprise..
Ragini:- what..
Harshad:- close your eyes ragini.
Trust me..
Ragini closes eyes..he keeps his hand on her eyez and hold her palm and started walking with her.
Ragini:- i am getting excited it popping my nerves out..
Say na harshad what surprise..
Harshad:- just few more minutes ragini you will come to knew..
Ragini in mind :- i had a feeling that you will propose me.. god make my feeling true if it is then i will go mad…
Damm his touch us driving me crazy..control ragini..
Oh my god he is taking hands from my eyes..
Harshad:- opens your eyes ragini..
As soon she opened she saw that their no flower decorations etc etc..
But their was drawn a big heart on sand and written that..
I love you ragini

Will you marry me and walk with me in all circumstances by holding my hand.
Are you ready to become my soul and from thyagi to malhotra…
Ragini looks at him with teardy eyes where he is looking at her tendsedly…
Harshad:- say something ragini.
Ragini comes close to him and says.
You cant you find my answer in my eyes..
I am happy and i love you…
I love to become ragini harshad malhotra..
I love to make you crazy..
I love to touture you in our whole life.
I love to seduce you when you will be angry on me and then making you cool again.
Harshad:- and i will act like i am angry on you because i love get seduced by you..
He pulls her to a tight hug..
Ragini lifts her legs and hugs him..

Precap:- some romance…

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