My army officer episode 16

I will post family bonding tomorrow..

All were roaming here and their in tension.
Jhanavi comes to ot with dadi and dadu.
She goes and hugs sachin..
Jhanavi:- sachin how is ragini. Nothing will happen to her right.
Sachin:- nothing will happen you see. she will come out perfectly alright she promised me that she will be with me to irritate you.
Jhanavi:- really then i am ready to get irritated..
Adarsh comes after taking to arupya about ragini.
Their was a layer of hope and tears in all eyes..
Harshad sits at a corner ..

Dayal see him and sits next to him.
Dayal:- harshad can i ask you sonething. I knew this is not right time but you…
Harshad:- i love her dad.. i love her a lot..i realised it. I cant live with out her..
He turns to his dad and holds his says..
Nothing will happen to her naa dad.
Dayal:- nothing will happen to my daughter in law after all she should be fine to knew about your love..
He smiles and hugs him.
They hear doctor coming out from OT.
All rushes towards him.

Doctor:- dont worry we took bullet out and she is iut of danger..
She will get her senses with in 2 hours..
We will shift her to normal ward after she gets her senses..
All gets happy..
After 2 hours she gets into senses..
Doctor checks and shifts her to normal ward..
Sachin was sitting next to her and caring her hair..
Ragini just smiles..
Jhanavi:- is it paining dear..
Ragini:- little bit maa .
But i am fine now..

Ragini sees harshad and smiles.
He asks her is she fine threw eyes and she also says that she is fine threw her eyess.
Adarsh sees this and smiles..
Adarsh:- ok once i will talk to doctor about your health and i will come..
Dadi sits near her and says.
Dadi:- you proved that today you were sachin daughter .
How stubborn you are ragini what if anything happwns to you.
Ragini:- his anger was towards dad dadii i desevers his anger but hospital people are innocent.
Dadu:- you were our life ragini.
Ragini:- i am fine naa dadu leave it.
Jhanavi:- this girl is so brave i got heart attack ragini.
Ragini:- mom we were in hospital only lets get treated.
All laughs..

Dayal:- happy to see your smile and you back ragini.
Ragini:- thank you uncle..
Harshad:- welcome back ragini.
Ragini:- thank you…
Doctor comes and checks her..
Doctor:- you were perfectly alright now ragini as you were also a doctor so let me say you that you have to stay here for 2 days ok.
Ragini nodes.
Dayal:- sachin you all go get fresh and come back untill then i will stay ok.
Sachin accepts..

They all goes leaving dayal and harshad….
Dayal sees ragini and harshad are looking at each other.
Dayal:- i will bring something for you both to eat…
Ragini:- wont you sit..
He comes and sits next to her..
Ragini:- you look so weak and looking like i got shot but you were getting pain..
He looks on soon ragini too realises what she said and she too looks on.
Ragini:- are you angry on me.
harshad:- why i will be that you on you.
Ragini:- why no one can be angry on me.
Harshad:- no..
Ragini:- why. With a sweet smile
Harshad:- smiling i will give you reason on some other day..
Ragini:- why not today..
Harshad just smiles at her..
Ragini:- i want to ask you something.
Harshad:- hmm ask naa.
Ragini:- not today someother day mainly at another place..
My question doesnt suit to this location..
Harshad:- question is question how does it applies to place.
Ragini keeps sad face.
Harshad:- ok baba what ever you want to ask when ever or anywhere i will answer to me.
Ragini smiles..
Harshad too smiles..

Two days passes bringing everything normal..
Every one came to meet her from her colluges and that patients at hospital and that old lady to came to meet her..
By seeing this all harshad things.
Harshad(mind):- this is the reason i llike you ragini .you made others so weak that they cant be without liking you..
I think no obe guy left without loving you and i am also came in that..
Yes i realised my feeling for you..
That not only liking you but also loving you.
I love you ragini and i will confess too.

Precap:- one week leap…
Ragini and harshad outing..

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    Oh, lovey dovey lol I like it! a bit short but I will wait for the next chapter and yes for their love confession :p

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