My army officer episode 15


Harshad lifts ragini and runs towards their jeep as they dont want to waste time by waiting for ambulance..
Sachin and adarsh were holding ragini..
Sachin makes her head rest on his chest and caring her hair..
Adarsh was holding her hands..
Ragini is crying ..
Harshad is looking back while driving..

Sachin:- nothing will happen to you ragini you will be fine..
You knew i want to surprise you that i transfered to here so tgat i can stay with you and to make plans to annoy your mom.
Adarsh:- what about me raguu i want my daughter to be like..
Mammi…naughty and devilish.
Ragini closes her eyes and tries to speak..
Ragini:- see dad he is calling me devilish.
Sachin beats adarsh slowly on his shoulder and says dont you dare to call her devil.
You only son of devil .
Adarsh and ragini laughs.
Adarsh:- see ragu dad him self saying that he is devil.
Ragini tries to laugh but shouts in pain.
Ragini:- dad will i die..
Harshad starts crying silently.
When adarsh shuts her mouth..

Sachin:- dont say like that you were my jaan .i cant live with out you..
Ragini:- bhai..
Adarsh:- yes raguu.
Ragini:- whom will you fight if i die.
Adarsh:- just shut up raguu nothing will happen to you..
And i wont fight with anyone escept you.nothing will happen to you.. we were near to hospital.
Ragini:- you were forgetting that i am doctor bhaii.
Harshad:- but you were neuro Surgeon so you dont no anything ok. Nothing will happen to you.
All looks at harshad.

Dayal consoles him by placing hands on his shoulder.
Ragini:- you were saying my dialogue to me only.
But harshad any kind of professional doctor can say by checking pulse how is that patient condition.
I hope you people can also say.
I can sense my condition its getting critical.
He takes sachin hand and places it at her near ear and says to sense her pulse..
Ragini:- am i wrong dad i am getting critical right..
I wish before going to ot i want to see dadi dadu and maa.
Adarsh:- they were reaching hospital ragu and see nothing will happen to you .
You can talk to them after your operation.

They reaches hospital.
Dayal helps sachin and adarsh to bring ragini out from car..
Where harshad bought strecher for her..
They placez her while sge says ahh in pain.
Adarsh:- sorry sorry did i hurt you.
Ragini:- no bhai its just bullet is tearing flesh inside..
Dayal:- dont worry we reached to hospital.
I am waiting for you ragini get well soon and come back i am waiting for you..we have to irritate and pull leg of harshad uncle ok..
Ragini smiles and signals harshad to come near her.
Harshad bends his ears towards her lips..
Ragini:- if i come back you have to take me to outing and i will gift you on that day .will you accept my gift.
Harshad:- i will love to have it come back to us to me Soon i will give you two surprises..
and smiles..
Ragini too smiles..
Ragini was taken to ot…

Precap:- tension tension.

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  1. Oh no u making me tensed nw…emotional one

  2. Grt episode…plz anyone tell me on which channel this serial is broadcast and at what time..

    1. Sindhura

      This is fanfiction dear

  3. Nice part sindhura

  4. Priya15

    Lovely di.. It’s emotional too..

  5. Akshata

    she is so strong…… update soon

  6. Megha123

    Lovely epi ❤❤❤ two surprises ?

  7. Awesome bt make it long plz

    1. Sindhura

      I will try dear
      Thank you

  8. ohhhhhh i am crying

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  10. SPP

    Two surprises???
    Waiting for the next one……..

  11. Affaa

    Superb yaar

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