My army officer episode 14

Sachin and general coming out.
Seeing them coming out harshad , adharsh and arjun runs towards them.
Press people were about to surround them arjun comes and sends them away..
Adarsh:- dad how is choti .
You didnot brought her with you.
Sachin breaks down and says what ever they demanded..
And taking ragini into their custody..
He about to fall just then dayal holds him and hugs him.
Dayal in sachin ears slowly.
Dayal:- dont worry i handled him once and i alerted few officer unofficaly…
Ragini will be safe..
Sachin:- really dayal.
Dayal:- i used all my force here and in all states..
All gets alert by seeing goon coming out taking ragini with them.
Ragini sees adarsh and harshad she cries and about to go..
Before that goons drags her by holding hand..
She shout ahhhh.
All gets worried seeing her in this condition..
Ragini sees at adarsh and says.
Me or you..if not we then no one..
Because we are one and no one can be in…
Adarsh and sachin understands what she wants to say ..
Adarsh signals her to get down when they whisle..
Ragini nodes…
Ragini sees harshad and smiles..
Harshad too smiles….
They slowly signals crowd to move far away by saying to goons that they are giving them clear root…
Ragini closes her eyes and remembers all her happy moments with frds family and with harshad..
Goons were surrounded and taking ragini..
Adarsh whisles and immediatedly ragini pushes the goon by hitting him on legs and started running from their..
Alerted army and police officers started shooting goons and goons shooting them..
Main goon hides beside wall and see his members dying infront of him.
He sees all ways to escape from their…
But he see ragini standing near to him by facing other side..
Goon goes angrily and holds her by keeping gun on her head…
Goon :- your dad have to pay for it.
He shoots in air…

Sachin see the side which sound came.
All were shocked to see ragini in goon hands and gun on her head.
Goon sees all his men as dead and fumes in anger…
Goon :- if you dont leave me on my way i will kill your daughter i am warning you …
And starts laughing.
All looks confused..
What do you think i will still black mail you after seeing your daughter bravery..
The way you are your family also same..
Why dont you people fear of loosing life.
Sachin:- because we born to sacrifise our lifes not me all army officers and their family will be ready to sacrifise their life.
Goon:- achaa then can you see the person whom you love dieing infront of you.
If you doo then i will accept your are a brave and bravest officer.
All looks worried..
Harshad:- dont talk rubbish and your all men were died and its good for you if you surrender..
Goon:- in your dream and tell me one thing if her dad and brother are getting worried mean i can understand why are u getting hyper..
What relation is their between you and her haa.
If you spoke one more word i will blow her head with all bullets …
Ragini :- shut up ..
Just shut up…
Goon looks at her in disbelief and ragini immediatedly pushes him aside..
Sachin shoots him with three bullets on his chest..
He falls at his back immediatedly.
All gets relived..
Ragini turns towards her dad ..
Who strenches his hand for a hug..
Ragini slowly walks towards him.
While general orders harshad and arjun to check pulse of goon.
They both were coming in opposite direction of ragini.
Harshad:- are you ok.

Ragini:- nodes as ok..
They both smiles to each other.
Arjun:- i said na man she will be fine nothing will happen to her see she is fine.
Harshad smiles and nodes at arjun.
Soon they hear gun shoot voice and see front…
Goon is holding gun and smoke is coming from gun.
A evil smile is appeared and soon he died..
All looks on shock…
Harshad and arjun looks at ragini..
Ragini see all and then sees at her stomach which is bleeding..
She see all with a smile and about to fall…
Soon harshad runs to her and holds for from falling.
He sits on ground and makes ragini to lay on his lap.
All runs towards her..

Ragini sees harshad and says..
Ragini:- dont forget your promise of taking me outside ..
You will not right.
Harshad:- i wont please dont close your eyes..
Sachin and ardash too comes and falls on their knees.
Ragini:- dad that stupid fellow finally shooted me..
Will i die bhai.
Adarsh:- shut up idiot nothing will happen to you.
Come harshad lets take her to hospital..

precap:- operation theater..
Harshad confirmed feelings

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  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely one
    Waiting for the next one………..

  2. emotional part

  3. Dharani


  4. Sonya

    honestly i have no words to describe
    it was full of suspense n emotional
    the way u pen down everything
    its superb dear

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u so much

  5. yar amazing part
    ragini and harshad so perfect together

  6. Megha123

    It’s really awsmeeeeeeee Loved it

  7. Emotional part dr loved it

  8. Its very very nice sindhura…..awesome

  9. Priya15

    Omg di.. I m angry at u.. Haha did u get shocked.. U made me cry a lot di.. I was just crying while reading this part… But di truly speaking I couldn’t understand what ragini said to Adarsh… Can u pls say Me????

    1. Sindhura

      Mean to say that in ragini words i am saying to adarsh..
      U and i both should win.
      If not either she should win or adarsh..
      If they both are not going to win then no one can come between them and win.

      She said to adarsh to win or goon.
      Any one only..

  10. Affaa

    Amazing dea… rocked it

  11. Nusz Khan

    Oh god xx

    I can’t wait till he falls for Ragini.

    I know their romance will rock.

    Also I posted Destiny Vs Love after a long time, hopefully they will post it and please do tell me if you enjoyed it xx.

    Anyways keep smiling like always xx.

    ~Nusz xx

    1. Sindhura

      Yes their romance will rock

  12. Awesome but plz update soon

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