My army officer episode 13


Ragini sitting on floor on knees and having tears looking around hospital people who are held captive by goons.
Ragini:- shivering voice see you have anger on my dad naa so do what ever you want with me but leave these people these all are innocent..
Goon laughs loudly and immitates her..
Ragini gets angry and looks on.
Sachin harshad and army force in car..
Sachin and harshad had tears in their eyes.
Harshad:- i hope you are fine ragini.
The time they reached they saw police officers and few reporters covering incident..
Sachin gets a call from jhanavi.
He lifts call with fear.
Jhanavi standing infront of tv watching this hospital incident on tv.tears were rolling from their eyes.
Jhanavi :- sachin what happening their my daughter sachin.
Sachin:- i dont how is she ..we just came now . I will talk with you later..
He moves forward to hospital where few terriost allow.
Sachin , general inside..
Harshad stands out tensedly while arjun keeps hands on him.
Arjun:- nothing will happen to her harshad you see she will come out safely..
Ragini angrily:- are you mad dont you have ears . I said naa these people are innocent then why the hell are hurting them.
You were already a coward who cant do anything to my dad and taking revengue on him by me and now you became useless buffalo by hurting innocent . No no infact buffalo is far better than you.
That goon got angry he immediatedly slapped her with force on her cheeck which made her to hit her head on floor..
This was witnessed by sachin who shouts ragini….
Ragini immediatedly lifts her head and cries seeing her dad..
Sachin sees her bleeding lips and forehead..he got angry and about to move towards that goon.
The one goon came forward and kickned him on legs which made him falls.
Ragini:- papa and about to go towards him but before that goon catches her hair and pulls back with force which made ragini to wince in pain.

Harshad gets tensed lisening this all sounds from inside he tries to go inside but stopped by few officers outside..
Harshad:- let me go sir..
Officer:- you cant go..they wont allow you..
Harshad:- tears started falling from his eyes one after the other and he says but she is my life no more than my life..
She is crying their i want to see her please allow me inside.
Arjun and remaining all sees him emotionaly..
Officer:- if they allow you .
Then you can go..
This was all lisened by one of goon he goes inside to inform.
Sachin about to get up but goon captures him.
Goon:- so much love for your daughter haa then what about country.
Sachin:- my family and my country are my two eyes.
Not only me for everyone their two eyes are important.
Goon:- acha then today you decide which eye you want.
Sachin:- what do you mean.
Goon:- my brother realese from jail or your daughter life realese from this world.
Everyone looks shocked..
Ragini:- smiles dad i love you alot and respect you more than anything because by seeing your respect towards country.
Today if you cheat our country just because of me..
I cant bare dad..
He may kill me or not but the guilt will make to kill my self dad…
Goon catches her hair..
Sachin shouts to leave her.
Goon:- leave her that too this early no way…
Harshad was not allowed inside..
He is walking here and their restlestly…

Meanwhile a car stops and adarsh gets down see harshad and runs to him.
Adarsh:- harshad how is ragini..
Harshad:- uncle went insidw they are not allowing anyone to go inside ..
Meanwhile they lisen ragini shout again.
They about to go but again stopped..
General:- leave her what she did to you..
You were angry on us right take your anger on us leave her and these innocent people..
Goon:- ok lets have a deal .
I will leave these all innocent people but i will take your daughter with me and i wont release untill you people fullfill my wish.
And threws ragini on floor..
Seeing her hurt sachin stands still and closes his fist with teardy eyes….
They were sending innocent people one after the other..
Goon:- arrange a two vans for us and roads should be traffic free and yaa no one should follow us..
Sachin and general accepts to his demands..

Precap:- ragini slowly falling down on floor eyeing harshad emotionally and he holds her…

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  1. emotional part, good one dear

  2. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Hope Harshad saves Ragini on time
    Waiting for the next one………..

  3. superb………….:)

  4. Lata

    Too emotional??.superb

    1. Sindhura

      Thank uthank u

  5. sry fr nt commenting dr…nd my poor ragini episode was awesome

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  7. Megha123

    Awsm it’s really amazing u nailed it yaar. ..???feeling bad 4 ragini ???

    1. Sindhura

      Thank u
      Everything will be ok

  8. Priya15

    Oh god… It’s so emotional.. I m crying… Actually waiting to see Adarsh and ragini.. Harsha ragini emotional scenes too.

    1. Sindhura

      Will definetly

  9. love ur ep

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