My army officer episode 11

Yesterday no internet thats why couldnot upload…
Ragini wakes up and goes out for jogging with her dad..
Where dayal and harshad also joins.

They four wishes each other..
Dayal and sachin were jogging with each other.
Where harshad was walking with ragini.
Ragini:- harshad you dont need to walk with me you can have your jogging.
Harshad:- i want to walk with you.
If you have any problem say it then i will go and about to go.
Ragini stops him by holding his hand.
Ragini:- why do i have problem walking with you..
Harshad:- so lets continue our walk.
Ragini:- hmm.
Harshad:- ragini are you free today

Ragini:- no harshad i have meetings and operations..
Harshad:- tomorrow.
Ragini:- i will be busy for 3 days after that i am free in case if i dont have any emergencies..
Harshad:- when you are free can i take you to a place.
Ragini :- sure but where..
Harshad:- surprise..
Ragini:- say it na harshad..
Harshad:- haa frankly speaking i just thinking to take you for outing but till now i didnot decided..
Once you got free untill then i will decide a place ok Ragini:- ok.
Dayal and sachin both see them talking and smiles ..

Dayal:- is ragini ok now.
Sachin:- yaa untill yesterday she was upset . And now it seems she is ok.
They both see her smiling with harshad.
Dayal:- yaa she is ok now.
Sachin:- my daughter was smiling because of you harshad ..
Thank you alot.

Dayal shakes him and says ..
Dayal:- hi where were you lost in deep thoughts.
Sachin:- nothing ..
Dayal:- lets meet again tomorrow morning.
They both goes towards them.
Dayal:- ok ragini meet you tomorrow bye and have nice day.
Ragini:- bye uncle you too have a nice day.
Sachin:- bye harshad..

Harshad:- bye uncle..
Some one taking their pictures espically ragini’s with out their knowledge..
They all goes to their working places..
At harshad working place.
Harshad:- yar arjun say one good and awesome place in delhi.
Arjun:- their was a place which is awesome ,romantic escpecially lonely place perfect for you to propose ragini and winks at her..
Harshad opens his mouth in shock and embrassement..
Hits him playfully.

Harshad:- shut up its not like that.
I just want to.
Arjun:- harshad .
Ragini is a sweet girl…and make a confirmation about your feelings towards her yar ..
How much time will you take ..
Dont be late may cost u.
Now a days getting a good girl became a histroy..
If i were in your postion i would have married her …
But what i can do before me my friend loved her..

Harshad:- arjun.
Arjun:- hsrshad…
Will you say or else shall i say..
Harshad:- what will you say.
Arjun:- hi dont worry i will only say about yout feeling not mine..
Harshad:- achaa i will say your feeling to your financee…
Arjun:- cheater…

No respect towards friend who is helping you to make realize your feelings towards her..
Harshad:- holds his hands and says love baba ki jai.
Arjun:- finally you accepted that you love her..smiles and leaves from their.
Harshad:- love… am i in love with her..started thinking their all moments which are spent together.

We didnt spend that much together i dont knew anything about her like her likes…dislikes nothing then how can i give a name to my feelings towards her.
First i have to make sure about my feelings towards her then i will propose you.
I have to handle this issue carefully otherwise our families may effect and i dont want it to be happen…
But one thing i knew and sure about you is you were innocent and beautifull..
Your eyes i just want to keep on seeing it..
The first and beautifull thing i watched in you.
Love your eyes…
Ragini hospital..

She is sitting in chair and thinking.
Where he will take me.
He said surprise..
Is it place was surprise or he want to surprise me..haaa god whats happening with me..
Why every matter related to you makes me happy and your smile it gives me guessbumps..
I have to wait for your surprise dont knew untill tomorrow i can wait or not.
Ragini thyagi concentrate on your job. With in 2 hours you have to do operation.
After two hours he goes to operation and comes out after 5 hours and says to patient relatives that operation was successfull.
One old middle aged women keeps hand on ragini head and blesses her to get all world happiness.
For which ragini smiles and goes..

Precap:- harshad and ragini preparing to go..

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  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Ragini also started feeling
    Waiting for the next one…….

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  2. Megha123

    Really awsm !

  3. Priya15

    wow ragini started to feel …thats great di..

  4. Nusz Khan

    Wow I missed it, but it was awesome hehe xx


    1. Sindhura

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