My army officer episode 10

Both goes from that place..
Ragini remembers her and harshad eyelock
Smiles a little..
Harshad looks out from car window remembers his and her close moments he too smiles unknowingly..
Arjun:- hmm someone lost in someone dream.
Harshad didnot respond to him.
Arjun smiles looking at him who is lost in thoughts of ragini..
Arjun coughs loudly..
Harshad comes to his senses.
Harshad:- did you said anything.
Arjun:- i said a lot but you were not in this world. It seems you were lost in someone presence..
Harshad:- its not like that
Arjun:- then
Harshad:- nothing.
Arjun:- have to accept that she is beautifull…
Harshad:- hmm…
Arjun:- u love her..
Harshad:- i like her innocense and naughtyness but dont knew that if i love her or not.
Arjun:- then knew it..i have a process for it.
Harshad:-plzz dont say close your eyes and see blah blah..
Arjun:- no need of that..
Look into her eyes and hold her hand . You will knew automatically
Harshad:- i am not interested.
Arjun:- ha ha i can see how much you were not interested.
Harshad:- will you continue your drive now without any further discussions.
Arjun:- ofcourse sir..

Scene changes..
Ragini reaches home and sees army jeep and few army officers outside..
Ragini goes inside and sees a major pratap rathod talking with her father and brother..
Three of them were in uniforms…
She goes inside and wishes him.
And turns towards his dad and brother..
Ragini:- are u going to your place bhai..
Adarsh:- haa ragini .my leaves were over . I will come again as soon as possible..
Ragini goes and hugs her babhi and kisses their child..
Major pratap ,adarsh ,arupya starts from their..
Ragini hugs her dad from side and he hugs her from side by placing his hand on her shoulder..
Sachin:- he is going for 3 months ragini he and babhi will be back again after 3 months ok.
Ragini:- hmm.
Sachin:- i am their naa lets enjoy and tease your mother like hell ok.
Ragini:- ok dad..
And she leaves from their to her room crossing jhanavi ..

Jhanavi:- what happen to her today.dont you think she is more Sad today comparing before..
Adarsh:- i will talk to her maa..
He leaves to ragini room..
Adarsh sees ragini laying on bed and goes towards her and sits next to her by caring her forehead.
Ragini opens her eyes and sits next to him.
Adarsh keeps hand on her shoulder and she keeps her head on his shoulder..
Adarsh:- how is your day ragini..
Ragini:- fine bhai.
Adarsh:- then why are you upset..
Ragini:- its just that i will feel lonely after you and babhi leaving from here.
Adarsh:- thats not the main reason.
Because before also for so many years you stayed alone in states.
Its not new for us staying alone so say me whats bothering you.
Ragini:- i really dont knew bhai but today i am feeling lonely and missing something .i dont even Knew what i am missing but.
Adarsh:- do you love someone.
Ragini:- no what type of question is that.
Adarsh:- why whats wrong in loving and yaa if we are missing someone and if their non presence is disturbing us that means that person is close to us.
Ragini:- but i didnt said that i missing someone but i am saying i will miss you.
Adarsh:- thats what i am saying we faced this situation so many times but you are behaving different this time…
Ragini:- nothing like that bhai.
Adarsh:- ok then .
Come down wont you give me sendoff..

After 30minutes of talk both comes down.
While coming down ragini sees dayal and harshad..
They both greets them.
Dayal:- thank u ragini for treating harshad.
Ragini:- its my duty uncle..
Adarsh:- ok car has arrived i have to leave now.
All goes out ragini waves bye to them.
Harshad to himself:- why ragini is so sad today.dont knew why but its hurting me alot to see her upset face and from today morning also i didnot give her time to talk..
Soon adarsh and his family leaves Dayal and sachin and all comes and sits in hall.
Jhanavi:- brings snacks to all and serves them.
Jhanavi:- ragini have it.
Ragini:- no maa i am not hungry.
Sachin:- have it ragoo.
Ragini:- no papa today i was tired alot i dont want to eat.
Jhanavi:- what if u were in us .you will eat na.
Ragini:- no maa if i was their i wont cook i just order something.
Before jhanavi could say anything her phone rings..
Ragini moves from their with her phone.
Ragini at balcony.
Ragini:- hello jacky.
Jacky:- why are you sounding low did your brother went to his duty again.
Ragini:- how do u knew.
Jacky:- you were my best buddy..
Ragini:- ya ya best buddies ever..
Jacky:- how is your new job new Colluges and how are you feeling returning back to your family.
Ragini:- all god but i am missing you all very badly..
Jacky:- awww my sweety..
Ragini:- ok then bye i will call u later guests are their.
She cuts call and turns but collides with harshad and about to slip but harshad holds her hand and saves her from falling..
They both have eyelock.

After few seconds.
Ragini stands up normally..
Both adjust them selfs .
Harshad:- are u missing ur brother.why are u sad.
Ragini:- dont knew but i am feeling low..may be due to tiredness because lot of work is their in hospital i am new here.
I checked all patience records done check up for few patients..
Harshad:- while going home also you treated two more right.
Ragini and harshad smiles..
After few minutes conservation he and dayal left place..

Precap:- harshad surprise for ragini..

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