My army officer episode 1


Sindhu rm back but with new psirs and new story i hope u will accept me and about psirs plss once comment and say that u like it or not..

Ragini is a sweet girl who is related to a army background family.
She has a one brother and he is also in army with his father..
Her mother is a house wife and ragini is doctor who is completed her studies in america and coming back to india..
Her brother adarsh has a small little baby boy who was just born..
In this happiness his family is threwing a party…
Ragini is mostly pampered and also grown up by morals and respect towards country and elders..
He is pampered but not spoil kid..
She loves to serve all thats why she chose doctor as her profession.
Some wat mischevious and shaitaan types..
She never wants to marry and leaves her family but soon her life gone change by a person entry
into her life…
Ragini dad sachin thagi…
Is a strict and loving officer who loves and carez about his family and his juniors also..
He loves her daughter a lot because beging in army he always wanted a daughter never differentiate between boy and girl.
Infact they always waited for daughter which they got in second chance…
He is in high postion in army as a Senior officer…

Jhanavi thagi:-
Wife of sachin thagi a lovely lady who married to sachin by arrange marriage but in love with him madly after their marriage and became strong when two beautiful and handsome son and daughter entres into their lifes.
She pampers her kids alot in mean time strict to them but in case of sachin he always supports in their kids mischevious acts..
She lives with her sasumaa and sasur jii in delhi….
Where ragini lives in america and came back to delhi now trying to get a job in good hospital…

Adarsh thagi:-
a sinscerio officer and lovely son scaring brother and handsome husband..
He is jovioul and friendly with his junior and respect alot to his seniors …
Thats why all loves him and belives him that he can go far better and get good name thsn his father…
He is married to sandhya and was recently blessed with a baby girl and was very happy.
In their family they respects girls alot and they becone more happy when they blessed with girls more than boys..
he is a perfect crime patner to his sister in teasing her mother and dadi and making them angry and escaping from it by giving weird explainations….

Arupya thagi:- wife of adarsh thagi.who done love marriage and always support him and her saali..
to escape from their crazy acts..
She was blessed with a baby girl and going to be named her..
She is was also pampered by her in laws alot..
As she went against her parents wish and married to adarsh .her parents dont like her daughter to get married in army based family.
Thats why they pampers alot and doesnt make her feel that her family was not with her.
She treats ragini as her own child and ragini too respects her loves her as her own mother infact more than that.
Ragini only helped them in getting married….

Army office in delhi
Two army officers were talking.
Chief:- definetly officer we all will come to your grand daughter name cermony and ofcours u said that your daughter is coming but we will see her personelly untill now we saw her threw photos…
U were bless mr. Thagi.. and i thin
k your wedding anniversary too
Sachin thagi:- thank u sir and yaa i am blessed to have my lovely family..ok sir i will take your leave now i have to invite others also…
He moves from office by inviting all..

Adarsh thagi congrates man and hugs him.
Adarsh:- thanks man and u all must come ok..
My baby welcome party my parents anniversary and yaa my lil sister is coming back also….
They all says definetly man..
Adarsh:- party was after two days ok.

Adarsh comes out and goes towards sachin who is waiting for him.
They both drive off from their in their car.
Adarsh was driving and sachin was sitting beside him.
Adarsh:- i am very happy dad ..
Sisy is coming back ..
I miss my bachi.
Adarsh:- i missed my shaitan.
Suddenly a car comes from opposite direction and both cars gets dashed..
Adarsh and sachin both gets down and from opposite car another two people gets down.
Sachin gets schoked by seeing him and that person also…

Precap:- how is is guys i cant say for how many episodes i will make..

Pairs in display picture
I hope u like it

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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