“What the hell is happening here??”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi thought,”No electricity in Oberoi mansion…only a patch of darkness every where”.
“Annika…my Annika”- He reached at the base of stair case,”She is afraid of darkness”.
“Happy Birth Day to you…Happy birth day to you…happy birth day dear Shivaay”- All sang birth day song for him as the light glowed suddenly,”How is the surprise??”….
“Huh!!”- This is not surprise..its a shock”- Shivaay wanted to shout but couldn’t after looking at the happiness all are feeling in the occasion of his birth day.
“I got worried for you”- Shivaay cupped her face in his large rough palm,”You and darkness…”
“Shivaay I was afraid of it “- Annika smiled ,”I have my sun with me…Why will I be afraid of darkness..a thing that never exists at all..”
“Bhabhi is right Shivaay”- Philosopher Om suppprted ,” Darkness doesn’t exists at all..its just the absent of light”..
“Will you cut the cake now..I am unable to control my saliva any more”- Rudra cry baby show all the wall clock,”Time is 1:30AM now”…..
Shivaay cut the cake feeling like a small boy all excited for a simple birth day…This is the happiness people felt on their birth day..he concluded .
“Arz kiya hai”- Rudra starres his tooti footi shayari..
“Irshad..”- Dadi encouraged…
“Arz kiya hai life mein love hota hai bass ek se….
Jaise colourful candles ko hota hai birth day wali cake se..”
“Ou ouh!!!”- He was silenced in a way as Shivaay stuffed the piece of cake in his mouth.
“My gift..”- Shivaay demanded.
“You are not a child”- Annika replied,” We all are going for a movie tomorrow and no office please”.
“Wish granted”- Shivaay yawned….”but English movie”…
“No way…we will watch a Salman Khan movie”…
“Shhh….”- A balloon warned him to stay away from further argument.
“This is colour not what the wuck!!”- Annika put some more pink colour on his cheek,”stop showing your Tadi to Rudra”.
“This Bhagad Billa always threatened me by his green eyes”.
“Mr. Edward.. Come down soon to play Holi”- Annika ran down the stair to the garden..
“Don’t drink any Bhaang Annika”-Shivaay warned,”people behaves like non sense at its hang over”.
“I will not my Billu”- The good wife obeyed.
“Good very good”- Shivaay ran his fingers in her cheek down her neck and…,” We don’t need any nasha for our romance..the presence of each other is the strongest hangover for us…”
“Shivaay Singh Oberoi is turning in to Romantic Singh Oberoi all the time”- Annika praised,”tell me the secret…”
“You are the nasha”- Shivaay pinched her nose that turned in to blue due to the colour on his index finger,”your presence is enough”
“First of all you called me to return soon from office and”- Shivaay shouted at the ladies sitting in living room,”what happened to Annika”.
“Very good news is there”- Dadi hugged her Billu,”some one is coming to snatch Annika from you”..
“All are mad..I have to call Agra for booking some bad soon”- Shivaay felt angry as his wife is not feeling well and a new someone will snatch his Annika from him,”I will send that some one back soon.,let him come here”.
“Congratulation Mr. Oberoi..”- The lady doctor confirmed the doubt elder lady of Oberoi Mansion have for Annika,”your wife is pregnant”.
“Oh!!”- Shivaay said first and then shouted ,”What did you said just now”…
“Shivaay this is real”- Jhanvi and Pinky kept hands on both his shoulder,”not a dream”.
“Bhaiyya”- OmRu hugged him tightly,”we are getting promotion to the post of uncle soon”….
“Shivaay”-Annika whispered as soon as he entered their room,” I …”
“Its ok yaar. Koi baath nahi”- He hugged her real tight,”Koi baat be afraid of”.
“You can you say koi baat nahi!!”- Annika fight,” the whole baat of Mumbai is here to share with you”….
“Shivaay do you know the worst dialogue in Indian Movies”- Annika remembeeed the same dialogue from all the movies she saw till that day,”I am going to be a mother of your child..”
“It sounds more meaning full if they would say our child”- She said the answer too..
“I want to eat blue colour cheese now”- This stole sleep away from the sleepy eyes of Shivaay Singh Oberoi…
“If only she ask for another Taj Mahal or the whole world at het feet..but she is Annika..”- He left to ask help from OmRu,”From where will I bring Blue cheese??”
“Whay are the doctor doing from last one hour mom”- Shivaay measured the perimetre of hospital corridor,”I am going mad here”.
“Bhaiyya”- OmRu transfered their energy yo their great wall and superhero brother,”Priyanka is inside with Bhabhi as a doctor..why to worry when our sister is with her best friend and bhabhi!!”
“Its a baby girl Chotimaa”- Prinku came out with a large bright smile on her beautiful face,”Beautiful like Goddess Lakshmi”.
“She is so tiny”- Rudra knocked some people on line to get a touch of their new member,”I will just touch her..I am afraid to hold soft and cute cute”.
“Chalo hato..”- Dadi get the heard out of the room after passing the baby to every arm..Tej,Jhanvi,Shakti,Pinky,Om to pass the new dad ,” Billu here is your treasure ..hold her”. No one obeyed Dadi as they were not ready to leave their princess even for a second.
“My princess Dadi”- Shivaay felt like crying out of happiness,”Shall we name her an Priyanshi”
“Very nice name bhaiyya Prinku praised his choice,”What does the name mean??”.
“Er..I don’t know”- Shivaay realised,”the fusion of your ,mine and Annika’s name”.
“Annika “-Shivaay sat on her bad holding their pink bundle of joy close to his heart and hugged Annika to his another arm keeping both of them close to his heart,”This is perhaps called ARM FULL OF HAPPINESS”….

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  1. awesome

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      Thank you Aisha…

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    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Sofiya..
      Actually “Priyanshi” is name of my cousin who is 5 years old ..I used her name here….
      I am in still in with #Alien feelings..

  6. SamSun

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    I agree with shivaay, that is arm full of happiness

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    Today also festival dhamaka..birthday,holi,shivika’s baby..??.and congratulations aastha..u also got promotion as mami.???hahaha.
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    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Navya..I became Atta of Shivika baby not Mami OK..
      Shivika sounds weird as the name of a child hey na??so I used the other name Priyanshi here..Let “Shivika”be the couple name of Shivaay and Annika..
      Aise hi Priyanka ki character ka fayda utha liya yaar..this is fiction and you are real..#Doctor…
      May God fill the arm of my friend Navya with all the happiness of the world…

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      Tanz…Thank you.
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