Shivaay Singh Oberoi returned home late in the night completely drenched in rain.
She was sitting in their room. It had been three months to their marriage and she always waits for him and he always get her full attention even her work is at back seat and he on the front seat of her mind and the whole area of her heart is occupied by him.
“sit here like a good boy”- Annika rubbed his wet hair by a dry towel,”you have become careless”.
“Because now to take care of me”-Shivaay hugged her by waist,”my Annika is here”.
“Did you have your dinner?”- She got ready to bring food to their room,”I know a Bhagad Billa can only show Tadi always”.
“I had it with my foreign clients in Shelton”- He felt very happy at her love and concern for him. What good work he did that he is blessed with her!!
“Now sleep then”- She pushed him inside the wash room with dry white kurta to change in to.
Hugged him tight to transform her body heat in to his cold one .
“Rain is not that bad”-Shivaay concluded for the first time.
“Where is my Annika”- Shivaay wake up the next morning to not find her beside him. She was real last night ..wasn’t was real not a dream. He pinched his hand to earn a “ouch!!”from his husky voice.
“Bhaiyya you are a lazy boy “- Priyanka shouted ,”Here I am hungry,come down soon”.
Shivaay get ready in a hurry and almost ran down the stair. She was there with his family. Some thing is going to happen soon.
“Today is Raksha Bandhan”- Dadi reminded him,”Prinku is waiting from last one hour and you are late”.
“Actually Dadi”- Shivaay gave explanation,”I send Rudra to bring Saahil from his school after the festival finished there..let them come home”.
Rudra and Saahil came home and Prinku tied Rakshi on her three brothers and Saahil.
“I am still a kid”- Saahil laughed loud,”Don’t expect any gift from me”.
“The gift you gave already to our house is priceless”- Priyanka pulled his cheek and ruffled his already messy hairs.
“We are also child”-OmRu went near their friend Saahil,”Only Shivaay bhaiyya is not a child . Ask gift from him”.
Annika tied Rakshi on Saahil. Om and Rudra forwarded their hands to her, “We are in the list too bhabhi”.
There formed the new relation between his brothers and his wife on the festival of Raksha Bandhan.
“Bhaiyya you didn’t sang the song this time”- Rudra remembered the harsh voice of his super hero brother,”Phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai..Ek Hazarom mein meri behna hai….”.
“Er..I forget that song today”- Shivaay opened his mobile,”I will play it on music player”.
“Annika bhabhi forget to tie Rakshi on Shivaay Bhaiyya”- Rudra remembered the non-sense,”Bhabhi finish it soon”.
“No way…”-Shivaay ran away from that place hurriedly.
“Chup kar khotiyya!!”- Dadi slapped Rudra’s head.
Shivaay hold the long and slender hands of Annika in front of all the family members.
“This is your so called Janmasthami pooja”- He filled her ear with his honey voice,”I am feeling like cradling you in my arm”.
“Huh!! you “- Annika show him the small idol in the cradle,”It is Bal krishna”.
“This is the happy birth day of Krishna Bhagwan dadi”- Saahil wanted to know about Lord Krishna…
” …… Krishna Bhagwan has two set of parents “-Dadi finished her long story about the birth secret of Lord Krishna,” Devaki- Basudev and Nanda-Yashoda”.
Annika remembered her parents …The first time she became an orphan after the sad demise of her Biological parent and the second time too…along with Saahil.
“Annika”- Shivaay saw the threatening to flow tears on her eyes “I am afraid flood is coming to drown the whole of Mumbai”.
“No way nine days!!”- Rudra created a drama after learning about Dussera and Navrathri festival,”long nine days with out ant non-veg,salt ,sugar and the greatest punishment is sleeping on floor”.
“By this way you can get super power Pehelwan”- Saahil encouraged ,”You can thank Durga maatha that Eating food is allowed”.
“Rudra..”-Annika returned home after shopping with Shivaay,”they are making pappu of you”.
She placed all the shopping bags on the lower table and all attacked the bags.
“This is very interesting”-Shivaay sat on the couch at the end of hall.
“Rudra only non-veg is not allowed in side our house for these nine days”-Annika make some logic,”rest rules are also followed by some people but is optional”.
“Oh!!”- The protein shake cry baby Oberoi smiled after this.. he can sleep on his bad and hug O .
“Really this is a rule of Navrathri”- Shivaay asked later when they are alone,”that we have to sleep on floor for nine days and eat food with out any salt or sugar”.
“I am sleeping on bed here”- Annika jumped on the king sized bed,”you can sleep on floor if you want to”.
“I will sleep here only”-Shivaay make her hug him in her slender arms,”the most cosy bed”.
“Ask them to deliver the Kaaju katli soon dadi”-Om and Saahil nagged Dadi for the endless time in one hour,”the hotel people are very lazy and always late”.
“O bhaiyya!!”-Saahil proposed,”we will make them sign a deal of not taking money on late delivery”.
“Like on Pizza”- Shivaay find both his brothers becoming more crazy,funny and childish around Saahil,”open the door..bell is ringing”.
Chains and chains of fairy light were hanged every where in Oberoi Mansion. Annika lighted a dia infront of God and then all went to garden to fire the crackers…Anar(flower pots),Chakra(ground spinner), sparklers(phool jhari),Rockets, and only a few of bombs( sounding crackers…
“Shit once again”- Annika tried to remove the fairy light that fell on her from the terrace direct on the garden,”this is always after me”.
“Among all the light during Diwali”-Shivaay entangled her remembering their first meet in the marriage ,”fairy lights are my favourite”.
“Their twinkling nature always reminds me of your smiling face”- He kissed on her forehead.
“Annika…the poori is very tasty isn’t it??”- Shivaay fed her numerous Pooris,”take one more..its your favourite after all”.
“Today is fasting Annika”- Pinky came to witness the kitchen show of her son and daughter-in-law,”the karwa chouth…”.
“You Bhagad Billa…”- Annika ran after him taking the belan ,”you tricked and fooled me”.
“No worry puttar”- Dadi consoled the jerry and rescued the tom,”who said that we can do this pooja only by keeping fast.
“Love and care is important “-Jhanvi added,”not the food and fast”.
“Why so…”- Annika looked at her husband who kept fast for her,”you cheated me in the morning and stay a whole day with out any food”.
She saw him through the sieve after looking the at the moon. feed him the sweet on her offerin plate and make him drink some water…He did the same..
“You eat all these now”-Annika teased.”Bade aaye fast karnewale Billu”.
“I did it …”-Shivaay hugged her to calm her,”tum karo yaa main ek hi to baat hai”.
“So many of Santa in my house”- Shivaay felt very happy,” where is my Christmas gift?”
“Here take it”- OmRu pushed Annika in to his waiting arm,”do you need any more gift from us”.
“Come with me”- Shivaay dragged her to their room,”where is my Christmas gift”.
“Billuji your gift”- Annika kisses his left cheek and then right one ,”do you need any more gift?”
“Haan!!”-He whispered,”More then this …”
“Here take this Tedy bear”- Annika pushed a pink one on his arm,”Santa usually gives this type of gifts”.
“You brought this teddy for me”- Shivaay laughed,”May be for Saahil”.
“No, this is for my Shivaay”- Annika smiled,”so cute,soft and innocent like him”.
“Some one gave gifts to the children in orphanage when I went there to meet them”- Annika felt immense happiness,”Only the face of my Santa Claus Singh Oberoi can do some thing like that”.
“Arm full of furry happiness”- Shivaay laid on his bed taking the teddy on his arm,”your first gift for me”.

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