“We called panditji now only”- Shakti, the devotee informed as soon as Shivaay and Annika came home ,”After three days there is a very auspicious time for marriage.. we will go for that day”.
” We will conduct the marriage on that day”- Pinky added,” why late actions on good work?”
” Jhatt mangni phat byaasha”- Rudra smiled,” the bird will not flew away but we shouldn’t delay”.
” shut up Rudra!!”- Om correct him,” Its Byaah means marriage not byaasha”.
” they are alike words”- Rudra is not less,” you have to understand the meaning not correct the spelling”.
” What is your opinion Billu?”- Dadi wait for the final decision.
Annika looked at her kanji eyed man who agreed to elders decision.

“Come home soon Shivaay”- Annika called Shivaay ,” Its late and marriage will happen after only half an hour”.
” I am here”- she heard his dangerously husky voice sending goosebumps to her skin,” I never knew you are so impatient for marrying me”.
” I am losing my patient like you are also under going the same problem”- She knew his inner feeling,” sailing on the same boat”.
“Pyaar hua ikrar hua”…- Saahil sang along with Rudra dancing around Annika.

“You are looking like the most tasty ice-cream in this pink kurta Shivaay”- Annika complimented looking at her Billuji,”That you will melt at the slight touch of some warm thing”.
“After marriage “- Shivaay gave a wicked smile,”I will tell you about the situation of an ice-cream around fire”.
“After the marriage!!”- She is a little naive,”during reception??”.
“No after that”- He said,”At the right moment when we are alone”.
“Oh!!”- Annika sighed,”I am eager to know the answer”.
“I will surely tell you that “- Shivaay can never forget this important thing in his entire life.
” If your chori chori chupke chupke is end “- Tej stop both of them from further discussion ,”panditji is waiting to start the marriage”.
“Bhaiyya let the marriage end”- Rudra add some fun,”later you can talk sitting the whole night doing nothing at all”.
“Who does nothing on their first night Khotiya”- Dadi is real ishqbaaz.
“Shame ..shame is on a summer vacation” -Omkara also teased,”All of you are shameless”.
Among huge roar they exchanged garland,Shivaay pit the vermilion on her hair partition,tied the sacred thread of Mangal sutra around her neck then both took round and rounds around the fire.
Rudra counted the number and then said,”My head is spinning”.
Finally the Annika who always worked as a wedding organiser tied her knot with Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

“Annika ,Good morning”-Shivaay smiled in a very cheeky way,”wake up yaar”.
Annika looked at his face..his handsome boyish face,his eyes..kanji blue eyes that made her drown in a sea of love last night,his lips ..sinfully delicious red lips that devour her last night,his slightly trimmed beard that send end less shivers down her spine, and then at his strong arms..the arm that held her tightly…very tightly in a protective manner. The last in the list is his legs..long slender legs that are still entangled with her..
The answer from yesterday of the fire and ice-cream is answered in a demonstrative way…
“Ab mujhe taadna band karo”- Shivaay said keeping hands on his heart,”Some mich michi is happening here”.
“Huh!!”- Annika ran away from him to a safe distance,”Shameless Singh Oberoi”.
“Your dupatta…”- His words reach the deaf ear…
The water falling on her from the shower didn’t help her ..the ice is better with the fire ..cold water is more torture then the hot and burning fire.
“Some thing is terribly wrong with me”-She concluded,”I am not normal after the final ritual of marriage”.

“You are …”- Pinky teased as soon as she saw Annika at the top of stair,” too early”.
“What is the secret !!”- Dadi also joined the fun,”you qake early in the morning or did not get sleep all the night”.
“Why are you beating around the bushes Pinky and Mummyji”- Jhanvi gave the final teasing glance,” tell directly that Shivaay didn’t let her sleep”.
“Dadi..I am…”- Annika ran away from there with a shy red face.
Ha ha ha…the three ladies bursted in huge laughter.

“Let me help you”- Shivaay entered the kitchen to find his wife in a funny condition..flour all over her beautiful face,”give me the apron from there”.
They cooked together smiling ,teasing,laughing .
“Bhaiyya I am hungry”- Rudra shouted finally,”Is not breakfast ready till now??”
“What is cooking inside your brain and heart tells us soon”- Dadi again started,”in side the kitchen”.

All gave gift to Annika for her first cooking for them.
“This is your last cooking too”- Tej clearly said,”from now onwards Gopal and Manish will manage the kitchen like they did till yesterday. You just do whatever you love to do”.
“Shivaay I will love to continue my work as an wedding organiser”- Annika said about her wish.
“Do what ever you love to Annika”- The husband accepted on a smile on his face

“This is not fair”-Shivaay pouted his mouth,”I too cooked food but no one give me any gifts”.
“I know to take my gift on my own way”- He pulled her in his strong arm,”The gift is precious when you are here”.
“Oh really!!!”- She laid her head right over his heart…his weak heart .
“I am very happy”- Shivaay said finally,”My arm is full of happiness today”.

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