Arjun’s elder love (few shots) part-1

“Krish how can you leave me like this…my name is radhika that means radhaji ..and your name is krish that means Krishna ji…we made for each other…and above that we both are married…pls think about our families…”radhika who is 24 years old was pleading with her 30 years old husband krish Arora …who was giving her divorce..

“Enough radhika..look at yourself…you only a simple graduate …and see the clothes you wear all behenji types…and really tell me which girl shies so much when she is talking to her husband on video chat…do you really think I will introduce as my wife to anyone…..and above all that.. we never lived together..and trust me iam not even interested to touch you…for krish only krissan will be the best”..krish added.

Radhika remembered her marriage with krish..
She was so happy before her marriage…..all her friends were teasing her….and then she got married to him…on their first night..they were not allowed to sleep together…due to any ritual.. and the next morning…krish gave the news that he was going by America…and he will in the mid noon only …radhika was shattered when he told all of them that he will not take her with him.. the newly married radhika was not able to spoke her wish that how badly she want to live with her husband…..krish parent’s also make him understand…but he didn’t pay any attention to their advice…
Krish’s dad:-…”think about radhika .you both are newly married ..she will be alone without you..”

Krish’s mother:-…”your dad is right krish..look at her face already faded away ..pls take her with you ..don’t worry about the and dad will manage it…and I know my daughter..she will mingle herself quickly in that environment…”
Radhika …who was 21 years old at that time ..was really young and beautiful….she can quickly grab someone’s interest until unless the person is not interested in someone else…
“If guyz ….love her so much..than you should keep with yourself..” he turned towards radhika and spoked..”see my parents are scolding me because of you ….what kind of wife are you ..creating problem for your husband …” krish said annoyed fully…
Radhika lowered her head…and spoked ..”I will go later ..I really want to live here now ..and after krish you will be all it is better I should stay here…”…radhika ‘s eyes filled with tears…
After few hours krish left….without greeting radhika …
For 3 years….he didn’t come back…but used to talk on video chat with his family…and whenever it comes radhika’s turn….to talk …he used to make faces…talk sternly…and used to taunt on her lifestyle..ordered her to stay away from boys …..and the biggest order was that she will not study further….

After 3 years when he come back…radhika was very happy on that day finally she will unite with her krish …or Krishna for her….she dressed up nicely…wear some jewelleries…and had already looked herself more than 1000 times in the mirror….but when she opened the door she found someone else ..standing beside him .. holding his arms…and that pierced her heart…
Krish introduced that woman…krissan Arora.. and tell his parents that she is his wife ….radhika only asked in a low voice…”then who iam”…krish replied……”oh you ..can only become the maid of the house..a married maid.”
Radhika fainted after listening his words.. .
Radhika came back to present realising her journey …and what krish did …but still she continue her pleading…

Krish who was now frustrated blurted out…”look if you are so desperate for me …then we can spend some nights together…I know that you must have warm the beds of many …in my absence in 3 years ..but still I can full fill your desires…I can satisfy you …but you will not be my wife….”. He said in a one breath…
Radhika slapped him …thrice…and left his house….
Within one year they both got divorced ..and radhika decided …to continue her studies ….
“Radhika beta can continue your studies here only ..why are you leaving Mumbai….” ..dilip said…
Malta spoked …”why don’t you understand she got admission in the prestigious college of Mumbai….let her live her life…”
Radhika who was packing her bags ..still had her engagement ring on her finger….
She took the blessings from her elders and tool her first step to her new life….

A boy who is around 22 years old can be seen. ..with a bottle of bear….and sitting on the bonnet of his car..the handsome hunk ..Arjun Mehra…all the principal and male teachers were already the victim of his pranks…and the female teachers were always flirting with him.. now the college have new its time for arjun to show his skills….offcourse ragging….
Radhika entered the college …it had been 2 days she left the rishikesh…
She was in her peach colour anarkali ..up to her knees with the dupatta hanging from her shoulder of one side …
She was thinking about krish……when a voice…
Kyra (friend of arjun):-…”hey new bee..where are you going all freshers are here..”
Radhika quietly went and stand in the crowd…
Arjun who was calling one by one was busy in making them do weird things..he was holding a can ..and was enjoying sipping from it .
Arjun while ragging looked towards radhika…
Radhika came out of the world ..saw arjun staring her…she quickly divert her gaze….
After few minutes…Kyra called radhika…
Radhika who was new to this environment was lil scared …but she compose herself ….

“Hmm suit..and all…really you have come to college not temple..”Kyra taunted..
All the crowd was laughing and giggling….
Arjun who was only staring …was surely going to perforate her by his intense gaze…yeah he was shamelessly checking her out infront of everyone….
Arjun came forward…”ah .dont tease her..she would really going to cry like a baby..really she is not of anyone ‘s type…must be ditched by many in her home town….”..all the crowd again burst out in laughing…
Radhika who was now silent …with tears in her eyes…clenched her fist..krish’s word strikes in her mind….she moved towards arjun….slapped him hard…and then pushed him on the bonnet of his car…punched on both side of his face…
And shouted..”Guyz like you don’t deserve ..girls like me…did you get that…you jerk ..moron. .stupid …idiot.. and finally she spoke in Hindi …
Gadhe kahi ke…
The crowd was now not laughing…in fact everyone was now in utter shock…that what exactly happened in a minute….
Radhika turned and started to move….But arjun pulled her back and she crashed on his body . He
wrapped his arm around her waist…and he pulled her hair …and bring her face closer to his…

Everyone expecting that he would surely kissed her.. but arjun didn’t .. .
He just mumbled few words ..their lips almost touching….
“I can do many things to you right here…and no one will come in my way. …but you know I respect women’s.. what I said was that harsh too that you behave like an animal..”…
Arjun saw radhika had closed her eyes because ….of this sudden close argument…
His focus shift..was on her eyes…tears were looking like pearls on her cheeks…..and her wet eyelashes were resting on her cheeks… his gaze shifted on her lips…juicy blood red lips with a thin coating of lip balm….and on hair locks of one side …kissing her cheeks…
Radhika opened her eyes…wet eyes…filled with tears ..widdenned beautiful eyes…met with the one of arjun’s
Her gaze then shifted towards his lips…from which blood was ozzing out because of her punches…
Arjun tighten his grip more ..on her .delicate. .soft like feather…body and his eyes soften …
Kyra brought a stick to hit radhika…she was about to hit her…but arjun hold the stick in the nick of time…

Radhika’s lips parted and she was uncautiosly wrapped her arms around arjun’s waist… coming more closer..but her gaze was on stick ..and arjun’s was on her lips….
He stiffened and remove his hold on her…she fall with a thud…on the floor….
Arjun spoked…” don’t you dare touch me again” saying the crowd scattered on seeing the principal…

Precap..:-arjun’s doing silly dance to impress radhika…

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