Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 29)

Starts with door opens, tittu Misha and charu are pushed outside by rads and again the door closes, Misha scholds rads for pushing her, inside room, rads in front of mirror thinking of her encounter with arjun, his insulting words and their romantic movements tears rolling from her eyes she whipes it off and says I hate U arjun,I hate U,hereaft my goal all b towards achieving. My dreams I won’t allow any obstacles again to enter in my life,tis radhika is born only to achieve her goal and nothing more than that she close her eyes and prays to God to give her enough strength to forget abt past and to achieve her goal…she slowly opens her eyes and again think of arjun again she closes her eyes and shouts I hate love tat too especially U arjun,don’t try to enter into my life again….saying tis she removes her dupatta and throw it aside she is shown changing into her modern clothes…

Outside misha,tittu and charu are roaming here an there…again in room,rads has changed into her new clothes,she s wearing pink sleeveless tops with blue jeans,she removes her hairband and loosens her hair,she is busy in straightening her hair and colouring it..again outside Misha unable to wait,goes and bangs the door saying chasni,wt doing yaar pls come out soon…inside room rads is applying lens to her beautiful eyes in one hand she s wearing bracelet and in other hand watch….Misha is continuously banginh rads smiles and tells wait misha,I need to see ur longingness wait for sometime yaar…. She s applying lipstick.

Time passes Misha out of control tell rads hey chasni if U din open the door for sure I vll break it and come in so better open yaar…saying tia she waits for few minutes…and again says chasni,pls open the door.if U din then I vll cry, she acts like crying suddenly the door opens,Misha tiitu and charu have a glimpse of shadow walking towards them first they see her beautiful pair of legs covered with cloth,next her well structured body covered with pinkish tops last BT nt least they see her beautiful face,,,,all of them are mesmerized too see their friend in new avatar, poa couldn’t believe her eyes she rubs her eyes to see whether it’s dream or real,and she also pinches Misha who s already opened her mouth widely shouts ouch,pia replies tat means this is real saying tis she blushes and fell down flatly, rads clear vision is shown…episode ends

Rads entry to clg,students are mesmerized to see her,Neil hugs rads….guess whoo vll b jealous?

Credit to: Deepa


    • Am back roshni….tis days busy with my exams….I vll try to post whenever am free yaar…BT don’t think I left tis page yaar….I giving U promise that I won’t go anywhere without finishing my story yaar BT may b I vll update slowly for that pardon me Dr…

  1. Hayathi

    Oh god deepa u r here i cant believe this yaar kitna din hogai yaar…. awesome update ab arjun ko patha chalega girls can do anything

    • Thank U twinkle and sure he should get not only jealous BT some pain for hurting our rads even though he knows abt his feelings towards her…wat say twinkle am I right na?

  2. manha

    deepa u r back. oh god like misssed u sooo much. Hw r u?? what abt ur exams. hope everything is fine dear. ok nw let me check the story. I will comment after reading it. catch u.

    • Hey manha yes yaar am back aft many days yaar…am once again happy to c U all Dr….my exams are on the way till jan5 yaar…aft that wll b free ma…till then I vll update whenever am free yaar…love U buddy and tc ma

  3. Anu Laya

    hi deepa !!! Wat happened to u? U knw hw much i missed ur story. I thought u left. Many fan fic have come in these period. U manmarziyan writers r writing ur stories with long gap.pls update in frequent intervals. Pls. Anyways waiting fr next epi

  4. manha

    OMG!!!!! radz is back on action with a bang. yeah radz ur born to win dont worry. deepa u r too gud. i liked her makeover. all frnds r staring at her n thinking is this a dream. lol. they r true frnds yaar. Jealous. hmmm. There r so many names. For nw i would stick to arjun coz i want to see him jealous n burn in the jealous. haha. i’m becoming more cruel nw. lol.
    waiting for ur next epi. plzzzz dont leave us. thank u .

    • Hey manha don’t tell thanks n all yaar….thanks and sorry should not b taken in friendship yaar….U and me are sailing in same boat yaar….I like to c and make arjun jealous yaar…tis what I expected in mmz yaar BT unfortunately they ended it so sad till nw qm praying to God to bring back mmz yaar….tat much I addicted to ardhika and really am missing them alot yaar…. Our arjun should not get jealous alone yaar he should get some more pain for hurting our rads even though he knows abt his feelings for her for that v have to punish Hi ma manha wat say Dr?

      • manha

        deepa u r right dear. they made us cry, laugh n float in clouds n they left us. really i’m feeling so bad. But what can we do nw. We can just wish for their comeback.
        ya cruelty on peaks. haha. make him jealous, make him hurt n whatever u want bcoz everyone knows he would atlast win his ladylove’s heart n radz will be arjun’s only. so no problem in it. lol.

  5. nisha

    hey deepa hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dear how r u dear . I miss u so much dear. I have leave messages for u on renu page and on my page too dear. where were you how r u . How’s ur days going . Hey Merry christmass to u dear. May god blesss u with lots of happiness and welllness dear. Really enjoy today episode dear. Rads makeover and arjun jealous really adore ur writing skills are always awesome dear. I love u aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lot dera. tight hugs for u meri jaan. waiting for next eagerly

    Keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

    • Hey Nisha dearyyy hru girl…me too missd u yaar…am very fine yaar how abt U… days are really boring yaar always reading and reading my head are aching very much yaar… Seriously waiting for my exams to get over so that we once again b in touch yaar and b happy…. Update ur story also da whenever u are free me too missing it badly ma….merry Christmas to U also ma…ad advance new year wishes dearyyy….love U buddy very tight hug for I too my dr

  6. Lakshmi

    Hi deepa.I like ur story , but i didn’t comment on ur previous episodes but read ur story from beginning it’s really nice yaar.Today’s episode is really awesome .All the best for ur exams.

  7. nandhini

    Hi deepa
    I missed u and crazy love.the changeover is superb and looking forward to arjun’s dilemma after seeing rads…
    Please post whenever you are free.

  8. aditi

    Oh god u updated thank u very much I am a really big fan of u deep a thank u can u plzzzzxx update one more chapter today. Plzzzzzzz I knw the person going to be jealous is Arjun or misha plzzzz update one more chapter

  9. Ameena

    Deepaaa I missed ù sø muchhhhh…..omg now our strong radhika….I loved it sooo much….and I just to see arjun’s reation now….soooo excited….it’s okk If u can’t updtate now…write well in ur exams…GOOD LUCK!!!…and happy new year….love u 4ever….???
    One lovee?


    • Thank U ameena….hru my Dr….me too missing U and humdatd yaar…update wen U can Dr till then I vll b waiting for U and very happy new year Dr may tis new yr bring enormous joy and lights in nto ur life yr…love U buddy

  10. Hareem

    Heyyyyyyy Deepa dear…suuuuuuuuuperb ,mindblooooowing episode…loved it..waited eagerly for this part..

    Its our super cOOl Arjun…who vl b jealous..can’t wait for what followz next..
    Waiting eagerly …
    All the BEST..for exams..put up ur best nd just crackle ur examz..

    Love u lOoadZz?

  11. Anu

    Hyy deepa u r back….miss u so much dear…..i think u quit stry,h r u? and 2day epd so beautiful………rads rock. luv u dear…….

  12. Harani

    Omg atlast u hav gt the good idea of posting ur ff…luv u sweety….waiting fr Arjun to see rads in new avatar….?

  13. chinni

    hi deepa dr i’m vryyyyyyy hpy to see u again dr.i almost thought dat u have stopped writing nd msd u sooooooooo much.luv u loads yaar.asusual d episode rocks buddy.

  14. nisha

    hey chinni dear how r u my sweetheart very much miss u dear Just came here to wish u Belated merry christmass dear. May god bless u and give u lots of happiness dear. Luv u always by heart dear. Keep smiing Once a friend always a friend.

    Hey hayathi soon dear these days are a little busy my sweetheart . But soon. Luv u by heart dear Keep smiling

    • chinni

      hi nisha dr. i’m fine dr how r u nd where is naadan dil ki manmarziyan,waiting for ur musical episode dr.luv u loads.

  15. bhavna

    Hii deepa…i reallly missd u n ur stry lyk hell yaar…m v upst tht u dint updtd ur stry i alwys usd to come on this ff pg bt der were no furthr updt frm u…??????
    Bt m glad tht u ll ctn ur stry n ll updt reglrly aftr ur exms…atb.. love u.. keep wrtng n ha mk arjun fall for radhu fast bt dnt mk rads accpt him so soon…atb ???????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Hey deepa !! Hw r u??
    After a long tym !!
    Loving ur story its remarkable !!

    Hey nisha !! I m really sorry yaar !!
    N thanqq bud for cmnting on my page yaar !! U no wat tum ne meri dil ki baat chinli !! As manu I love dis name !!

    Hey ek gud news batau !! Mann ne mujse mafi mangi n ice cream ka treat b diya n u no mene bajirao mastani movie deki !! U no d movie is really senti in some parts !!

    Agar tum sab log dek the na tho really waterfall hoja tha !!

    Hey so new year ke liye koi plan hai ki nahi !!

  17. cherry

    Hiii. How r u ? I was one of ur silent readers. I thought u had quit ur story. I really love ur ff. Pls do update regularly

  18. Thena

    hey DEEPA, u r a rocker dear. oh, am hapieeeeeeeeee tat u returned. really missed u terribly in tis page. n epi ws awesomeeeeeeeeee. rockin thots dear.tight hugggsssss 😀

  19. daizy

    finally ur back…. So happy to see u again….. Missed u so much…. It’s been more than a month u updated… now rads new avatar….what will be arjun’s reaction…. Watz going to happen next…..eagerly waiting for next update…. plzz update regularly dear…..

  20. Anisha

    Oh,deepa finally u r bak???
    i mssd crazy love vey mch..I dnt knw hw to thnk u yaar…mujhe bahuth khush hua ..itane din mein ne iss story keliye bahuth pyasa dha..thnk u so mch yaar???
    plz dnt stop dis u yaarrr.loved dis epi..?????

  21. aastha

    Finally after a loong time……im glad tat u r bck deepu….i tot u HD quit n ws sad tat I cud no longer read tis beautiful story………

    I lvd tdays epi…..rads modernization…..
    …..niel s also a gud frnd……is it Arjun who s jealous???????I hope it s…….he shyd burn with jealousy n finally he shyd go n propose rads who wud reject hm n this ‘ll mje hm experience wat rads went through n wud also crush HS ego…… eagerly waiting for the nxt epi…..plz do update soon…

  22. Roma

    My deepa dearrrr, finally you came back and updated this story, im very glad to read it. Loved rads makeover…arjun will be jealous for sure…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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