Arjun Priya a new luv story epi2


Hey guys Im back…And yes im tamil…

Scene1:In Arjun’s house.
Arjun:Amma where is ur daughter?She was the one who called me for auction and she is not ready yet!
Srimathy:Who told u to agree to bring her to auction?u knw that she will put make up and stuff so that she will look pretty.
Arjun:For what?Why make-up?Is she going to any miss world competition or something?
Srimathy:So that she could get things for free becos of her beauty…
Dhanshika:Anna sorry! am a bit late..
Arjun:Not a bit!Very late!Lets go…
Arjun leaves and srimathy stops her.
Srimathy:Y did u not scold ur brother 2day?
Dhanshika:So that he will not cancel my plan 😉
Srmathy:What plan?
Dhanshika:Anna will find a girl der and mayb fall for her!
Srimathy:Gd idea!Ur brain is working now!
Dhanshika leaves.

Scene2:Priya chandru and kavi r there alr.chandru and kavi look around and comment abt some men.
Priya:Whats wrng?
Priya:Kavita!Just tell me…U 2 are looking tensed and seems like u r eagerly waiting for smethings to happen…
Chandru:ur decision…
kavi steps his feet.
Kavita:Ur bro is blabbering!u don’t worry…
She asks chandru to shut up.Arjun n dhanshika cme and sit on the other side of the hall.Soon the auction starts.After sometime priya feels bored.
Priya:Nothng specoal.Lets go home.
Chandru:Our job is not done yet!
Prya:What job?
Chandru:erm…Lets c the final product!
Arjun:Dhanshika there is nothing special!Can v go!?
Dhanshika:Its not over yet!
Dhanshika:the girl!
Arj:wht grl!?
dhanshika:ur future wife!
arj:my future who?
Dhanshika:i will tell u everything.I came here to find a sutable girl for u so that u will get married!

Arj:R u stupid?
Dhanshuika:no im smart!
arj:rubbish!lets go!
arj pulls her and they leave.
Priya:anna!im going…
he leaves and they follow behind.

Scene3:Sme ladies cme and quarrel with srimathy.
SM:SHUT UP!Y r all of u shouting!?
One of the ladies say smething and the fight gets worst…Pushpa cmes there…
Pushpa:Can every1 keep quiet!
SM looks at her and wonders who…
The ladies:u r new to the flat so keep quiet!
Pushpa:My son is a police officer and my daughter is a journalist in a newspaper company…I will damage all of ur image!
By this she chases them.
SM:who r u?
Pushpa:Im new to this flat!I heard u n ur husband talking ths morning!
SM:What!?How dare u do that?
Pushpa:Wait!My daughter name Satya Priya is a journalist…She is not getting married…So I thought…
SM:Oh so u want my son to b ur son-in-law?
Pushpa nods her head.
SM:OMG!Fnally an alliance…Btw what ur name?Im srimathy.
they talk for sometime n leave thinking that children’s life is settled.

Scene3:Priya n Arjun r heading towards their car.The take their car out of the parking lot when they slightly collide.they start arguing.
Arj:Oh hello1R ur eys behind?Look what have u done to my car!
Priya:U didn’t look where u were gng!U gave u licence in the 1st place!?
They start arguing when kavita chandru n dhanshika cmes n sees them.
Dhanshik:oh god!How is my route is going to clear when he is like this?
Chandru:Kavi!That all!No one is going to marry a girl who is like ths!
Kavita:Ssshhh…Don’t say like this!
They go to calm down their respective brother and sister.Priya and Arjun don’t stop arguing but fnally the get on a car and leave.

scene4:In priya’s car.
Chandruy did u do this priya?U r going to get into trouble when this happens!
Pri:Nothing will happen!U just drive!
Kavi:No!He is following us now!
they see Arjun’s car coming and chandru drives faster.Soon they reach the apartment and priya gets down from the car and walks to Arjun’s car.
Pri:Hw dare u follow me!?
Arj:Oh!U are the world’s most beautiful woman so that I had fallen in love with u that I followed u!
Pri just looks on.
Arj: stay here that y…Now get lost!
priya fumes at Arjun leaving and she gets angry!

Scene5:arjun goes to his room and closes the dor angrily.
Dhanshika:Amma my plan failed!
SM:i know that u cant do this!I did it alr!
SM tells everything and dhanshika sits with her hand on her head.
Dhanshika:OH NO!Not that girl!

Precap:Naveen and priya have a talk at priya’s cabin.Priya comlainsabt Arjun to Naveen.Naveen does not listen to her and just gazes at her…

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