Arjun Priya a new luv story epi1


Hey guys!This is not ff for any shows but my own story…This story is based on a south indian life style…This is my 1st time doing such ff so I may not b that gd.

Srimathy(Arjun’s mum)
Madhavan(Arjun’s father)
Dhanshika(Arjun’s younger sister)
Swaminathan(Prya’s dad)
Pushpa(Priya’s mum)
Kavita(Priya’s sister-in-law)-actually was priya’s friend
Chandru(Priya’s elder brother)
Shyam(Arjun’s business rival)
Anjali(Shyam’s wife)
Lokesh(Arjun’s friend)
Naveen(Priya’s friend)

The story is set in Chennai.This is a story about 2 family who are neighbours.The story revolves around Arjun who is a big business tycoon.He is soft-hearted despite the tragedy that happened in his life.On the other hand,Priya is a kind, beautiful and young journalist n the local newspaper company.The story is about how they both meet and come close and how they overcome the problems in their life.

–This epi will only have short scenes and I will write longer ones in the future episodes.

Scene1:In Arjun’s house.Arjun is getting ready n is room for office.
Srimathy:Oi meena!Bring coffee for Arjun soon!He is getting late for office!
Arjun comes there and greets his parents.His mother blesses him but his father just reads the newspaper.
Meena:Your coffee…
suddenly somebody takes the coffee from her hands.
Dhanshika:Thx for the coffee meena!Go make other one for anna!
Arjun pinches her while srimathy scolds her.
Srimathy:Y did u take his coffee!?He is getting late for office!
Dhanshika:But I am getting late for collage!
Arjun:U woke up late and arguing here!Drink it quickly and leave…
Arjun asks meena to cancel the coffee and says that he got important meetng.He leaves while his dad stops him.
Madhavan:What had u decided abt what I sad yesterday?
Arjun:I told u a lot of times.I don’t want to get married now!
He thinks about his past.A voice is heard n the background where she insults Arjun sayng that she wont get married to him.he leaves angrily and dhanshika follows behind.
Srimathy:Y r u always asking him abt marriage?
Madhavan:Shut up!If he does not get married now than when!?he is alr 28.
Srimathy:No!What I am about to say is that…
Madhavan:eep quiet!I know what to do.
he leaves while srimathy thinks on.

Scene 2:In priya’s house.
Swaminathan:Priya is there any sensational news today?
priya:No appa!I stll don’t know…I have to go and check.
Chandru:Hey priya….Look there is an auction today!U want to go this evening and check out if there is something interesting?
priya:Sure!I will cme early from work and u and kavita get ready and we will go!
priya leaves and pushpa comes there.
Pushpa:Chandru!DOnt u have any senses?
Pushpa:She is alr 25 and not getting married.Cant u ask her to decide abt marriage and stop pampering her!
Kavita:Amma actually chandru had a planned…
Chandru:Yes amma.Today v wll brng priya to auction and c if she finds any guy there…
Pushpa hinks its a good idea.

Scene3:Arjun n dhanshika r on their ay to the collage.
Dhanshika:Y r u not getting married?
Arjun:I don’t lnow!
Dhanshika:What kind of ans is this?
Arjun:Shut up!
Dhanshika:Okay!Okay!I wont ask agn!But today evening pick me up!
DHanshika:Lets go to auction and c if there is somebody that u like!
dhanshika:Erm…Something that u like!
Arjun agrees and drops her in collage.

Precap:Arjun n priya’s car band slightly while they r taking their car out of the parking lot to go home.They argue and chandru says to kavita that this wont work.Dhanshika this on how her route is gong to clear.Arjun n priya continue arguing.

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  1. Nice star ma

  2. nice starting sujaana r u tamil?

  3. hahahehe sujanana…… nice but little eloborate the story…. ur ff is kmkv rite???

    1. Yeah somewhat but the story is totally different

      1. supera iruku ,I love it

  4. Updt nxt part yaar. . . Ur story is nice 🙂

  5. Nice sujaana …. It’s related to kmkv right …. But u continue …. As I knw u WIL put some of ur masala’s too ….
    Oru tamilan inoru tamilanuku udhavulena vera yaru udhavuva 😉 lol

    1. its related to kmkv but the story is totally differen as I took out some characters like sukanya manoj and added sme new characters like Naveen dhanshika

  6. thx guys…

  7. Hi Sujaana dear, welcome to ff planet…this story is very interesting, very nice start…all the best for the future updates. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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