Arjun and his ETF (Part 1)


Opening shot they were happy family with family members celebrating birthday party and suddenly their start acting weird and some people suddenly fall asleep and some one kidnap birth boy /girl after three hours ETF enter and start their regular investigation and find out that their people are drugged and some narrate their visual experience with the team and by that they come to know about that no one see any kind of stranger or new one all the family member are in the same room and fainted at same time at this point arjun enter the seen and say this same one which are kidnapping birthday boy in their birthday party same clues of last case which are happening in last few months (he says this with extreme sadness in his face)

Next shot shits to ETF office
There we see all the team members ( shree,sakshi,aisha,chootu,along with arjun) they all discuss the clues arjun twist the pen and think Aisha and agree are telling everyone about the shared experiences and at what time it happened and all this things and arjun is just listen to them with twisting his pen and here sakshi dare to ask arjun what are u thinking of ?? And at the same chai wala arrives and gives chai to arjun and with surprised look takes it and sakshi end his surprise and says mayne manghewayeh hai he sips it n thinks and (2mins) he thinks n their his lifts his right eye then goes to crime spot their we see that he is searching something he is throwing all things here and there n suddenly he see a shadow

Wait for suspense ???
And plz leave ur comments ? how is my writing skills plz guys

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