Arjun and Radhika Love Story Based in College (Episode 3, Crazy Love)


Epi 3

starts with radhika getting phone call from alpha clg…aft speaking,she goes and hugs her mon and tells MAA,I GOT ADMISSION AT ALPHA CLG,IN DELHI….she kiss her mom and runs to say the news to her friends

Its night,rads mom is so sad abt her daughter is going to go away from her….she s crying…..rads console her mom saying MAA…DONT WORRY,,,IF U WANT TO C ME JUS GIVE ONE CALL,I VLL B HERE IN FRONT OF U….her mom says i cant stay without u for single day…rads starts to cry….both mom and daughter share some emotional scene….Atlast her mom is convinced….rads hugs her.


arjun s shown coming in his car to airport,he s wearing black shirt with blue jean and wearing transparent glass,he is getting down frm his car and start to walk in…one of the girl command abt arjun to another one….arjun hears it,he start to walk towards the girl and holds her hand,he removes his glass and look stright into girls eyes,and he holds her close for a kiss,the girl plead with him to let her go,atlast arjun leaves her and she began to run

Arjun sees the time and runs to catch his flight,he gets in,wereas all girls eye him….he din bother abt it and start to read magazine.


Rads get ready to leave for delhi,she hugs her mom and cry.she gets inside the car and waves goodbye to all cryingly….while she s travelling,she reminces good time spend with her mom and friends

rads reach delhi,onthe otherside arjun also reaches delhi….rads and arjuns car get stuck in traffic,,,thy were parked next to eachother,they din see eachother,,,and drives off in different ways


Precap rads fell in arjuns arm…first eyelock session….

Credit to: Deepa

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  1. in which channel is this coming and what time.

    1. Hey wafie,

      it doesnt air in any channel yaar,,its just our imaginery thoughts abt our lovable couple ardhika…..based on different story

  2. Awm dr..eagerly waiting for nex epi

    1. can you tell me the channel

  3. Hey good one dear keep going with it 😀

  4. sona can u tell me the channel

    1. hi wafie……its deepa’s imaginary story only… star plus they telecasted manmarziyan serial… suddenly it air off… that serial our lovable pair ardhika ( arjun and radhika)…..
      we cant forget that pair… our fan members doing this to enjoy us…….

  5. waiting for ardhika eyelock scene…
    ardhika’s first meeting .. .awesome dear
    🙂 🙂 keep going on

  6. Ye kya hai…man gadhan kahana hai ya kisi serial ka episode

  7. deepa awesome dear…look ur fan is asking about the channel….woooooow…

    keep going buddy…

    1. Hey thena

      hi dr,,,,my story s tat much nice uh dr….i dont think soo yaar

  8. its the story written by deepa…our dym telly friends…she is qriting her imaginary story taking arjun n radhika as couple…..
    @ deepa waiting for there dance practice in farmhouse epi…pls post two epis pr day so we can reach on that epi soon…

    1. @dipika,,,,,oh my dearyyyyyy love u buddy……bt its not in my hand yaar….its in tu hand,they only have to publish it na

  9. ya deepa…please try to post 2 episodes a day…We are eagerly waiting for that dance practice episode..Please post it soon!!

  10. Well done nice story.

    Well started.

    Not similar to this story. But I also saw yesterday a college life story. Romance started there.

    “Feriha” on Zindagi. Liked it because it is far better than the saas bahu dramas.

  11. But always love to your story .

    Love you dear. Very nice started. So happy for you.

  12. @nisha,,,,love u buddy

  13. Deepa love u yaar.

    1. @natty…..hey dearyyyy love u yaar…..update ur story na……eagerly waiting yaar

  14. Good start deepa i waiting for epi 18 Will the come close

  15. @Waffie: Hi! How are you doing? And this is not a teleast show. It’s a fan fiction by our lovely friend Deepa. It’s more like an Ardhika FF.

    @Deepa: Excellent dear! But when will that dance sequence come??? Can’t wait…..

    1. Samiha……it will come soon yaar….

  16. Keep going deepa,wonderful epd

    1. @anu,,,,thanks buddy

  17. Nice to read this story.. how can i get to read dis daily what do i have to search ..i am an mmz fan

    1. Hey neetz,,,jus go for manmarziyan writen episode page u vll see many of our stories….kfar,thena,anu,natty,,,,read and enjoy it dr

  18. hyy neetz…go to fan fiction option in top of d page nd u’ll find our frnds owsm stories thr… 🙂

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