Arjun and Radhika Love Story Based in College (Episode 2)



starts with alpha clg in delhi,students are entering in,watchmen stops them and ask them to wear id cards….they wer it and get in…..inside clg some students are having nice time at canteen,some in library…The college was so calm until the arrival of 4guys….they are,neil,cabir,bubloo and rocky…neil took the mike and ask all students to gather in gallery within 10min….and ur time starts now…come on quick quick…all the students rush to gallery and were fighting for chairs….they all are waiting for guys arrival and bcome bored,they start to chitchat….suddenly the lights gets switched and there remain a proper silence in gallery These 4guys arrive with the focus light on them…They play the music and perform a group dance.


Aft dance,neil again took t mike and tells that THERE IS VERY VERY IMP NEWS….ALL students starts to murmur which irritate neil…he shouts SILENCE PLEASE….and tells that our college romio and especially our girls hero is going to return from america after vacation and they start to cheer up the students….. Hearing tis happy news,,,all students start to dance and sing with enjoyment,,,whereas some faints and fall down….with happy news.


In america,the guy s shown exercising in gym,he s streching his arm and his strong muscles are shown…he s sweating from top to bottom….he has tactoo on his arm…..his 6packs is shown,,,his firey and s*xy eyes shown….his hair is very curly and he has worn ring in one of his ear,,,he s shown exercising with full concentration. Suddenly he get t call,he goes and attend it and says YES I WILL B MEETING MY LOVELY BABE SOON….AND cuts off,,,he turns and his face is shown,he is none other than our hero ARJUN MEHRA….


precap rads gets admission in alpha clg,arjun is returning frm america….both their faces are shown in split screens.

Credit to: Deepa

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  1. Nice countinue dear.

  2. Deepa u r a terrific writer……pls don’t stop a nd continue with this story. It is really very interesting….

  3. Wow cute epd,thanks deepa eagerly waiting for nxt epd

  4. Hey drs

    dhaani,anu and anonymously,,,thanks dr… u buddies

  5. Fantastic Deepa continue your story to 11 th episode fastly.Eagerly waiting for future episodes.
    Can’t wait

  6. Congrates deepa. Liking ur story.

  7. Very good deepa. ..waiting for next episode

  8. hey Tanya and dipika Pls post ur stories too

  9. hyy…guys did u chck..TU hve put d ‘fan fiction’ option in top of d page…
    my got dym fans hve imprssd TU so much dat thy prvided us a diffrnt page to publish d stories nd to b in contact….DYM fans ROCKZZZZ…..

  10. Liking it dear i hv it read it before n im readin again..split screen one i can visualize cool 😀

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