Arjun and Radhika Love Story Based in College (Episode 1)



Arjun mehra:

A handsome and charming guy arjun mehra will b seen potraying as college student in one of prestigious clg…many girls have crush on him…he s go lucky boy and can make any girl to fall for him……in short arjun mehra will be romio for many gilrs in their heart…he vll b seen as fictional dancer and he hav many girls fans…


she has jus nw completed her hs course and has got top rank in her school,she vll joining one of t college in delhi to persuade her studies…..

The story will revolve around how tis two of them meet and fell in love with eachother crazily


Epi 1

starts with the girl is shown praying in temple…..her hair s flying due to wind….her eyes is shown,her lips murmuring prayer is shown.

Next scene shifts to two ladies in the market who are passing comment abt their daughters result…one lady named latha tells that her daughter is suffering from food poison and enquire abt another lady(seemas) daughter,seema is mother of our heroine radhika tells that she went to temple early in the morning to trouble god


Temple,where some girls are running in search of the girl.They see the girl praying and they rush to call her,they collide with the priest and the plate full of flower fall on the girl,her beautiful face is shown with the flower showering on her.

Her friends tell her,that she got first rank in their school(radhika has wrote her 12exam.she s praying for nice results).Radhika cant believe her eyes,tears rolled down frm her eye to cheeks.Her friends wipe away her tears and they group hug…they are shown running to home.


Radhika reached home,her mom is busy cooking,she hugged her behind and tell the good news.both mother and daughter share some emotional scene and they hug.suddenly there is knock on door,radhika opens the door to c her best friend shwetha…

Radhika ask abt her results.shwetha tells that she got nice marks and got centum in 3subject.both friends hug out of joy and they began to dance…


precap; entry of arjun

Credit to: Deepa

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