Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 7)

Epi 7

starts with ardhika liplock,all watches them shockingly…..rads get up and runs to washroom to clean her mouth……arjun is flattered by tat hot kiss…..he gets up and see the people staring at him……somehow he escape from them and he caught redhanded by his friend neil…

Neil: wats going on man…..i din see such a kiss in movie also….yupp,wat a kiss,tell me-wts going on dude….arjun just nods nothing and drags neil with him.

All the students are staring at rads,she feel uncomfy and goes outside….tittu comes from behind,hugs her and ask…HOW DID U FEEL WHEN HE KISSED U…..rads ask who?
Tittu: our clg hero,dashing ariun our senior
rads replies that it is an accident,i din feel anything….
Tittu: oh my god…..ur waste rads,,,if i were in ur place i would him kissed him full day…
Rads: sure…yo can go and kiss him and tells her that am here to study and not to flirt with anyone…she angrily goes…..tittu shouts rads.rads and run behind her.


Its break,rads and her friends in canteen having coffee….some of the senior girls gossip abt arjun….like he can make any girl to fall inhis trap,bla, bla, bla,…rads hears tat and think of the incident with arjun,she goes.

She s seen walking in the campus.arjun see her and follow her,rads also see him and start to walk faster….he shouts wait girl,bt rads continue to walk…..arjun holds her saree to stop her,he comes closer to her.


Arjun and rads are shown closer,rads is breathing heavily….her breath and the smell from her silky hair make him go cozy….he wraps his arm around her waist and bring his face close to her neck…he release his arm from her waist and rads tries to leave.arjun holds her hand and brings her closer…he has his hand on her bare stomach and he softly squeeses it….rads lose her self control,,part away his hands and turns to him and give tight slap on his face….arjun s shell shocked and angry…..both were looking into eachother with anger in eyes….rads start to leave,arjun stops her from leaving


arjun insults rads

Credit to: Deepa


  1. wowwww…thappadd pada…nw i can say arjun u r too much yaarrr…Thappad to padana hi tha….rads full on angry… ohhhh…i jst love ths story…tight hugg deepa…u r fabulous writter…

  2. abi

    hi deepa…..i m new to you….but i read ur every episode…its really nice…..i want the scenes after dance practica…..becoz can’t wait dear…….so can u pls update that……pls…as a fan this s my request……

  3. nandhini

    super episode! I guess that radhika will propose to arjun asap.But that time arjun refused it.At last he admit himself thathe lied to her with the entry of new second hero for radhika.Then love love……….. ishq ishq……….

  4. nandhini

    please update three episode in each day yaar.Other people are fastly uploading their stories.My favourite one is crazy love only.So I’m longing for its future stories

  5. nisha

    Hey, deeepa sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch

    looooooooooooooooooved it.

    Yaar, I read this part before also. But whenever read it .. I really loved the chemistry between the two.

    LOved it.
    Keep going dear.
    Just thinking on this situation this song fit on these 2
    Ek din, ek din teri yaadon mein bahon mein panahon mein aaungaaa,
    kho jauungaaa
    ek din tera ho jaaunga.

    Yeh dil to naaa
    keh sakaa ye baatein

    dil to naa keh sakaaaa.

    yeh dil to naa keh saka ye baatein , dil to naa keh sakaa.

    Love you dear. Keep going just loved it.

  6. hana

    hi deepa…. the narration of the story is quite intresting ……i loved it.:).. i m a silent reader i always used to read comments …i do have a story in my mind but i m a bit weak in english …

  7. hiii dear..
    as always awesome episode !!!!! finally arjun received thappad wala love.. hahaha
    hey niaha I love this song very much… 🙂 🙂
    waiting for farmhouse romance…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.