Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 28)

Starts with Neil entering the house, it’s full dark, he calls out for arjun yet there is no response from him, he thinks watts happening with this arjun, earlier times he used to scold me for being irresponse, now he itself behaving irresponse…. He keeps two bottles of drinks on nearby table switches on the lights and goes upstairs, he sees arjun standing in balcony and goes to him, he put his hand on arjuns shoulder and says hey dude, wat u doing here
Arjun: nothing dude just getting fresh breeze
Neil: in that case, anyone told to leave house in dark
Arjun: he looks at his watch and says oh oh I forget it dude wait I vll come, he tries to leave BT Neil stops him and says no need dude, I had done that work
Arjun: great work dude, leave that we’re did u go,I din see u for long hours
Neil: that’s big problem
Arjun: what problem… Neil tells him everything arjun looks at him being shocked.


Rads is standing in balcony, Misha comes to her and says again what thinking chasni, let it be whatever, first come with me, she Blindfold’s rads eyes and takes her to room.. rads ask her watts happening, Misha removes the cloth from rads eyes, rads is surprised to see that.
Shifts to, arjun asking Neil is radhika fine Neil nodes yes,,,
Neil: OK dude, were u went leaving me in college, tell dude… Arjun is confused to say it r not but anyways he tell him everything abt rads confession,
Neil: wow, what u told
Arjun: I said that I don’t have feelings for her, Neil looks at him being surprised

Scene 3

Rads is surprised to see tittu, pia and charu are seated there with various modern costumes and modern accessories including facial items, rads looks at Misha… Misha give her a smirk rads come to know abt Misha’s tactics and tries to escape, but Misha holds her from leaving, tittu and charu help Misha by pushing rads inside, whereas pia closes the door…

Rads new avatar…. Whole college is mesmerized to see rads

Credit to: Deepa


  1. manha

    deepa after a long time u updated it. thanks yaar. it seems we hav to wait for some more time to know whats cooking on? all friends gather then there will be a blast. waiting for the blast.

  2. nandhini

    Nice deepa
    After long time hereafter make this frequently
    Today’s one is nice
    Please give a lengthy update

  3. Deepa how r u and where r u?… Missed u and ur updates sooo muccchhhhh…
    Very Short update yaar…pls post bigg one..
    Nice epi..loved Rads and her Friends scene sweet Friends can do anything for us..waiting to c Rads bold avatar eagerly yaar..pls post it soon and waiting for Arjun reactions too..
    Take care ?..pls post soon and a big epi…

  4. ritu

    Plssssssssd don’t break the continuity waiting for so long……….. Nice update……… Pls showour prince charming reaction on er new avtaar…..

  5. Roma

    Thx deepa for this update, waiting from ages…where were you honeyyy, missed you sooooo muchhhh. Awesome episode, so misha will do our chashni’s makeover. ..eagerly waiting to see arjun’s reaction. ..please update soon the next part… love you loads, take care

  6. daizy

    hey deepa….thanks for coming back dear…..u came after long time….missed u and ur update so much…the episode was awesome….now waiting to see arjun’s reaction on seeing a new avatar of radhika….plzz update next one soon…

  7. kfar

    Deepa warm tight hug. It’s really awesome following up al the parts now. Good going yaar. long time hogaya baat karke 😀

  8. nisha

    Deepa , woooooooooooooooow yaar loved today’s part , Rads new avataaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

    Waiting for next . Luv u yaar . AAkhir kaise bhi yaaron ke liye time nikaal hi leti ho.

    Lots of hugs.

  9. fabulous deepa! !!!! what’s up dear.
    felt good seeing ardhika crazy love after long time.
    woooow awesome precap.
    I’m eagerly waiting for next episode.

  10. manisha

    it ws fab…….. plz update ur story regularly….. waiting egarly fo nxt epi… n waitin hw may arjun react.. n hw radhika act fo dat………

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.